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Runaway & The Russian~Blurb~

When her best friend goes missing after being targeted by child groomers, Tess Robertson feels she has no choice but to run away.

Fearing for her life, Tess leaves the children’s home where she’s resided for the past eighteen months, and boards a train bound for the capital.

While wandering the streets of London, Tess realises she’s being followed, causing her to run once again, straight into the path of a bullet meant for arms dealer, Kolya Barinov.

While Tess recovers, Kolya vows to keep her safe: to give her a good life in return for saving his.

But is this simply swapping one danger for another? Or could the path to true happiness begin with blood and bullets?Runaway & The Russian Teaser 2

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~My Review~

I was lucky enough to read this as an arc, I ended up actually reading this book 3 times!

I enjoyed it every time. It’s definitely safe to say that this is one book I will read & read time & time again!!

Tess is only 16 years old, she lives in a childrens home, she’s had a really tough time & things don’t look like they’ll be getting better anytime soon. Tess is forced to run when her friend gets mixed up with some really bad people.

Tess ends up in London and unexpectedly throws herself in front of stranger when she sees a man aim a gun and pull the trigger.Why does she do this? Because it’s Tess & she puts other first, it’s an instinct not a well thought out decision.

The man she saved is none other than Kolya Barinov. Kolya is a very wealthy business man. Kolya takes Tess to a private hospital to get her the treatment she needs. In order to attempt to repay Tess’ act of courage Kolya ensures Tess that she now has the full protection of both him & his entire security team for as long as she wants it.

The questions remain can Tess escape her past? Will Kolya & his team’s protection be enough?Runaway & The Russian Teaser 3

I know that this book is #1 in the series & I have to say that I will be reading every single book. I can’t wait to get my hands on book #2.


Helen has written a story that contains a very real & sensitive subject. I think that Helen has handled this matter with the tact that it deserves whilst still delivering the message that these things are still happening!

The plot is well thought out & clear. The events that take place are realistic & believable. Helen’s writing style is great as usual, it draws you into the story & holds you right in the heart of it until the very end. She has taken some real and unpleasant events and has written them into a tale that is enjoyable & enlightening to read. Helen has written characters that will work their way into your heart & hold onto it for a long time to come.

The characters are fitting to the plot. The characters are real & they interact extremely well. Tess & Koyla are from completely different walks of life. Under normal circumstances they’re paths would probably never cross. But due to the circumstances in which they did meet, Koyla becomes extremely protective of Tess.

As the two spend more time together their friendship grows, and an attraction becomes apparent. This attraction is realistic as neither one fully understands the feelings that they have towards the other.

Upon starting to read this book I was quickly & easily pulled into Tess’ world & found that I was alongside her every step of the way. I was fully immersed in the story from the get go. It also didn’t take me long to become well & truly invested in both the story & the characters.

I am intrigued to see where Helen is planning on taking this with book #2. I can’t wait to see how Tess & Koyla change and continue to grow, what life has in store for them both in the future.

~Author Bio~Helen Bright Author

Helen Bright is forty something, married, mum of two grown up daughters, and has grandchildren that are the light of her life. She lives in Yorkshire, UK, and often bases her novels in and around the county. Helen loves writing paranormal romance, but has recently begun to pen contemporary romance with a touch of suspense.

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