Reviews: Bermuda Jones Case Files #1 & #2 by Robert Enright

Doorways; Bermuda Jones Case Files #1 by Robert Enright


There is more to the shadows than just darkness

The Otherside is located at the fringes of our world, hiding in plain sight and existing within our shadows. Shielded from humanity, the Otherside is watched over by the BTCO, a highly secret government agency, whose members all possess ‘The Knack’, a genetic anomaly that allows them to see this other world.

Franklyn ‘Bermuda’ Jones is the BTCO’s finest agent, the only human to have passed to the Otherside and returned. Gifted with the ability to physically interact with both worlds, Bermuda reluctantly stands between both worlds, pining for the life he had to leave behind and the daughter he can no longer see. Teamed with Argyle, an enigmatic Otherside warrior, Bermuda is assigned the case of a missing woman who has vanished under mysterious circumstances.

As Bermuda delves further into the disappearance, he uncovers a threat that could destroy the truce between two worlds…and finds himself in a race against time to safeguard humanity’s very existence.

Discover a new world in this fast-paced urban fantasy packed with thrills, action and the odd one liner.

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~~My Review~~

I’ve been really lucky, and I’ve met Rob. He was a signing in Peterborough last October, this was the first time I had ever heard about him. He’s a lovely bloke, my only regret was not purchasing a signed copy of his books, maybe next time though.

This is the first of Rob’s books that I’ve read, and it will not be the last one!

Bermuda Jones is different he has the ‘knack’; the ability to see what other people can’t. It is because of this that Bermuda works for a government agency that is so secret almost no one knows it exists. When people start going missing Bermuda and his partner Argyle are sent to investigate the disappearances and put them to put an end to them. Will they be able to get one step ahead and stop the next one from happening?

This book had me utterly hooked from the start. Doorways to me is a mixture of supernatural/ fantasy and crime thriller with some mystery and I think it works really well. I have loved how Doorways brings together the fantasy/supernatural world as well as the real world. The book is set in the real world but with creatures from the ‘otherside’ in it too. Doorways explains these ‘others’ as creatures from the ‘otherside’ that exist in the real world but can’t be seen by everyone. The ‘neithers’ are creatures from the ‘otherside’ who work and fight for the real world like Argyle and Vincent.

Even though the ‘others’ and the ‘otherside’ are thought to be fantasy and made up, I found myself more than once thinking what if they are real? what if they do exist but we just can’t see them? Rob has given these ‘other’ characters a life which is very believable, Bermuda is portrayed in a very realistic way, I really do feel for the guy, because of his gift (or curse as he calls it) he’s been through and lost so much, and that is something he’s still struggling to deal/cope with. I love how this guy despite hating that he has the ‘knack’ still continues to fight and tries save everyone, all whilst flaunting his lack of respect for his superiors at the BTCO. 

I found Rob’s writing to be very informative and descriptive, which makes envisioning the story really easy, it’s almost like watching a movie in your own mind! It’s clear that Rob has invested a lot of energy, time, love and care into writing Doorways.

Doorways is packed full of mystery action and humour too; the humour does break-up the more serious tense moments incredibly well.

I feel that Doorways is a great start to the Bermuda Case Files Series and I’m itching to see just what happens next.

On to The Absent Man!

Yeah, I have that ready and waiting on my Kindle 🙂 

The Absent Man; Bermuda Jones Case Files #2 by Robert Enright


Something is killing…

A woman is found dead in her flat on a freezing night in Glasgow, her heart ripped from her chest. With no signs of a weapon or forced entry. Hours later, her heart is delivered to the Necropolis on the outskirts of town.

Six months after stopping the terrifying Barnaby atop Big Ben, Bermuda finds himself on the hunt for a killer in a city he doesn’t know with a police force that doesn’t want him. With no links between the victims and the death toll rising, Bermuda has to face a sceptical detective, a seemingly distracted Argyle and an unknown horror that stalks from the shadows.

All in the name of answering one question…

Who is The Absent Man?

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~~My Review~~

It’s been 6 months since Bermuda and Argyle saved the world from Barnaby. Now Bermuda & Argyle are being sent to Glasgow to the track another killer. This one is ripping the heart clean out of its victims.

As Bermuda and Argyle hunt down this murderer they seem to be unaware of the horror that lurks in the shadows, stalking them too! Can Bermuda and Argyle stop this murderer, or will they become the hunted?

Once again, I was thoroughly hooked from the very beginning. What’s not to love about this book. It is jampacked from cover to cover with action, creatures from another world, emotion and twists.

Bermuda had just started trying to repair some parts of his personal life when he was sent to Glasgow, this sets back his progress when he misses his daughter’s birthday and fails to phone her first thing due to being unconscious.

Bermuda is an amazing character he constantly puts the needs of the BTCO and the world before himself and his personal life. As well as having to hunt for killer Bermuda must deal with the Glaswegian police and the wrath of the BTCO seniors and his own guilt and emotions.

Rob has such an amazing way with his words. He has created another world right alongside his real world, both worlds are incredibly realistic and believable. The characters are fitting and have a real ability to get under your skin, they had begun to feel like friends in the first book and now that friendship is reaffirmed.

The writing style of Rob is clear and has a seamless flow to it. He can swap from action scenes to more personal scenes/moments with ease. Each scene leads effortlessly to the next. Rob packs so much detail into his writing, the time emotion and energy that Rob has put into his writing is clear to see.

I have loved every page in The Absent Man and I’m really looking forward to seeing what Robert has in store for Bermuda and Argyle in book 3!

Rob, is it done yet? *Stares hopefully at Rob*

~~About Rob Enright~~

Robert Enright was born and raised in North London and resides in Chesham, Buckinghamshire. Working as a HR System Manager by day, he spends his evenings and weekends writing (or binge watching TV with his fiance).

After signing with a publisher in 2015, Robert decided to reclaim the rights to DOORWAYS and take Bermuda Jones down the self publishing route. Despite the many hours of research and marketing, he is absolutely loving it!

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Review: In the Light of Madness by Hemmie Martin

This review has been a long time coming. I was originally going to publish this when I was blogging on Relaxed Reads but I never got around to it. Now I have, as I intend to spend the bulk of this year reading the signed paperbacks that I have collected and posting the long overdue reviews of those. That’s enough waffle about my reading target for the year and onto my review of Hemmie’s book:


A murdered boy in a Cambridgeshire graveyard sets in motion an investigation into the local church and school, with suspicions of a cult murmured throughout the community. With their first case, DI Eva Wednesday and DS Jacob Lennox explore the various levels of desperation and malice that can stem from an unhappy or dissatisfied life, where no one takes responsibility for their actions. They quickly find that everyone harbours a secret which, left uncontrolled, can bring forth devastating self-destruction.

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~~My Review~~

I am lucky enough to have met Hemmie twice now, both times at signings in Peterborough. So I read In the Light of Madness as a signed paperback! This is the second of Hemmie’s books that I’ve read. And I have loved this one as much as the last one.

In the Light of Madness is set in a close-knit village, where a boy is found dead in the graveyard. As in most villages, it sets the villagers talking. They have their own ideas on what caused the death and the events that follow, they range from speculation of a cult to possible people in the village who might have done it. DI Wednesday and DS Lennox are called in to investigate the death and to find out who or what is behind it.

The characters in this book are fantastic, they are extremely well developed and the slightly more personal details that the author has included helps to bring each one of them to life. The characters all interact together well and are incredibly realistic and believable. The characters all have private lives of their own as well as the main ones that we read about.

Hemmie Martin has woven a web of intricate details, lies and deceit that are unwound with every page that is read. The scenes are described in such a way that you can see what is happening in your mind’s eye and that also makes you feel a part of the story. You feel for the characters and become encompassed in their world until the very end.

I loved this story from the very beginning. The more I read and the more details I found out surrounding each incident the more I found I was trying to guess what was happening and who was doing what. I never got it right, I was kept guessing right up until the point that Hemmie wanted us to work it out.

Overall In the Light of Madness was an utter joy to read. If you like crime, thrillers, mystery or contemporary books then I’d highly recommend checking out In the Light of Madness.

~~About Hemmie~~

Hemmie Martin spent most of her professional life as a Community Nurse for people with learning disabilities, a Family Planning Nurse, and a Forensic Mental Health Nurse working with young offenders. She spent six years living in the south of France. She now writes full time.

Hemmie created the DI Wednesday series, featuring DI Eva Wednesday and DS Jacob Lennox, set in and around Cambridge, with fictional villages. There are four books in the series so far.

Hemmie has also written a psychological thriller, Attic of the Mind, and three contemporary women’s fiction, The Reluctant Mother, The Divine Pumpkin and Garlic & Gauloises. Mental health often features in her novels due to her background in forensic mental health nursing.

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Review: Attic of The Mind by Hemmie Martin


The time is right for Lilith Fields to seek revenge. Twenty-five years have passed since the sadistic abuser tortured the patients of the psychiatric ward, and now Lily has decided he must meet his final judgment.

As her plan unfolds she discovers she is not the only one with a dark secret. Now, only time will tell if Lily’s demons will be vanquished, and just how many people are really involved.

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~~My Review~~

Due to life being an absolute bitch and getting in the way, it has taken me far longer than I would have like to get round to reading Attic Of The Mind, it’s also taken me a lot longer than usual to write this review. It’s a good job I make notes to refer back to as I’m reading 🙂

At the beginning of Attic Of The Mind we are in a psychiatric ward, not just any psychiatric ward it’s a ward run by a cruel and sadistic nurse Walker. Walker is abusing his patients on a regular basis. A new young Doctor; Nathan; joins the ward and he is understandably scared of Walker but Nathan discovers the abuse but decides to do nothing.

However, Nathan has never gotten over the guilt that ignoring the abuse has caused him. Ever since leaving Poplar Ward Nathan has been taunted by visions of a pair of eyes, the years of one of Walker’s victims. And now there are other things appearing leaving reminders of his time at Poplar.

The question is who is leaving him these reminders? Is it the cruel, sadistic Nurse Walker or is it of the cruelly treated patients?

This is the first of Hemmie’s books that I’ve read and it most definitely won’t be the last.

Hemmie’s writing style was fantastic. I was thoroughly engrossed from the beginning, I found I didn’t want to put this book down and tried not to unless it was a necessity.

The storyline was extremely well thought out. To cover a difficult topic like abuse can be hard but it doesn’t seem like it for Hemmie. Hemmie handled the abuse issue with a great level of sensitivity, only the essential details were discussed leaving the rest for the reader’s mind to piece together without having to read all the gruesome details. For me this approach worked fantastically well, it made things seem more disturbing.

The characters are great, I loved and hated them! The fact that we met Walker, Lilith (Lily) and Nathan 25 years ago at the start before catching up with them later means there is a depth to them. It allows us to see how they may or may not have changed in that time.

Hemmie also gives us a glimpse into Walker’s childhood and his private life now which helps with understanding why he’s the way he is. It doesn’t by any stretch justify his behaviour but certainly clarifies things.

This is a book filled with twistedness, cruelty and suspense. Just when you think you know where things are heading they take an unexpected turn and lead you on another path. Attic Of The Mind keeps feeding you breadcrumb after breadcrumb so that you keep following the trail and thinking about what has happened or what may happen.

Overall this is a fantastic 5* read. If you enjoy a good psychological thriller I can not recommend this book enough. Great Job Hemmie!! 🙂

~~About Hemmie Martin~~

Hemmie Martin spent most of her professional life as a Community Nurse for people with learning disabilities, a Family Planning Nurse, and a Forensic Mental Health Nurse working with young offenders. She spent six years living in the south of France. She now writes full time.

Hemmie created the DI Wednesday series, featuring DI Eva Wednesday and DS Jacob Lennox, set in and around Cambridge, with fictional villages. There are four books in the series so far.

Hemmie has also written a psychological thriller, Attic of the Mind, and three contemporary women’s fiction, The Reluctant Mother, The Divine Pumpkin and Garlic & Gauloises. Mental health often features in her novels due to her background in forensic mental health nursing.

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Review: Fallen Angel Part 1 by Tracie Podger

I’ve finally started to bring my reviews from Relaxed Reads over to Lou’s Book Blog. I think this is a process that will take me quite some time, there’s a lot of reviews over there. I’m updating the layouts, graphics and links but I’m not changing anything else.

This review reads as though I’ve only just read it when In fact I read this in May 2016!!


On the first day of her holiday to Washington, DC, Brooke Stiles meets Robert Stone.

Dark eyed, damaged and dangerous – Stone has never had a normal relationship for fear of his past being exposed. Not knowing how to respect nor love, he struggles with his feelings for a woman who makes him question everything that he is.

Brooke falls in love with him and as their relationship grows she learns who he really is. Her future is set. She is to heal her man and mend his broken soul. But can she do the one thing that he asks?

This is a story of an ordinary woman who falls in love with an extraordinary man and has to discover whether she is strong enough to forgive him his past.

Contemporary Romance for readers over 18 – this is the first book in the Fallen Angel series, a Mafia Romance containing graphic scenes of sex.

So what is the Fallen Angel series…

This is a mafia ‘romance’, with the emphasis on the romance. The four books are narrated by Brooke, a British woman who travels to Washington, DC, and falls in love. This is her story, her journey into a world she has only ever seen in a movie. As is traditional, Brooke will be shielded from any ‘mafia’ activity, she won’t know what’s going on, what she finds out will be a surprise. Please don’t go into this book expecting a gun-slinging mafia moll from the 1950’s 🙂 This is a modern take on what the mafia are now, in the twenty-first century. There is a reason for the title, you’ll discover this throughout the books. There are four books in this story so, no, you won’t know it all in book one.

I wanted to explore what it would be like for me, or you, to fall into a world we have no knowledge of. It’s my belief that perhaps, as British women, we wouldn’t take it seriously, perhaps we’d find it exciting. Our major reference into that world is a movie made a lot of years ago 🙂

I hope you enjoy the read.

This book is not paranormal, has nothing to do with angels, fallen or otherwise.

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~~My Review~~

I’ve heard so many good things about The Fallen Angel Series by Tracie Podger, I was glad to have finally gotten around to starting this series.

Brooke has gone to America to visit her best friend Sam. She’s just come out of a long-term relationship and isn’t looking for another man, she just wants to spend some quality time with her best friend.

She arrives in America and heads to Sam’s work to wait for him to finish. She heads into the office kitchen to make a coffee, whilst she’s waiting when she suddenly has the feeling she’s being watched.  Brooke soon finds out that she just encountered Robert Stone; Sam’s elusive boss. The events that follow successfully turn Brooke’s life upside down. There is more to Robert than meets the eye.

Brooke comes across as a nice down to earth kind of girl. She works hard and doesn’t want to let people down, she also knows that something is missing. She loves Sam and his partner Scott, she feels guilty when circumstances prevent her from spending as much time with them as she’d originally wanted to.

Robert is a hard man to work out. He has so many secrets and has built some seriously high protective walls around him and his family. He likes to be in control. When Brooke comes into his world his control is tested. Robert is also very protective of those he cares about.

These two make a good team and balance each other out. The other characters are also really good and they complete the overall group dynamic well. I loved how none of the characters were flat or one-dimensional, they all have they’re own layers and secrets to be discovered.

The plot is good, it has a good steady pace, it’s full of twists and unexpected turns. Tracie has created a wonderfully realistic world for these fantastic characters. She feeds you all the pieces of an intricately woven web of secrets, and leaves you wanting more!

I’m glad I’ve finally popped my Fallen Angel cherry and I’m looking forward to the next book in this series.

Great starting point Tracie!

~~About Tracie~~

Tracie Podger currently lives in Kent, UK with her husband and a rather obnoxious cat called George. She’s a Padi Scuba Diving Instructor with a passion for writing. Tracie has been fortunate to have dived some of the wonderful oceans of the world where she can indulge in another hobby, underwater photography. She likes getting up close and personal with sharks.

Tracie likes to write in different genres. Her Fallen Angel series and its accompanying books are mafia romance and full of suspense. A Virtual Affair is contemporary romance, and Gabriel and A Deadly Sin are thriller/suspense. The Facilitator is erotic romance.

Books by Tracie Podger

Fallen Angel, Part 1

Fallen Angel, Part 2

Fallen Angel, Part 3

Fallen Angel, Part 4

The Fallen Angel Box Set

Evelyn – A Novella – To accompany the Fallen Angel Series

Rocco – A Novella – To accompany the Fallen Angel Series

Robert – To accompany the Fallen Angel Series

Travis – To accompany the Fallen Angel Series

Taylor & Mack – To accompany the Fallen Angel Series

A Virtual Affair – A standalone

Gabriel – A standalone

The Facilitator – A standalone

A Deadly Sin – A standalone

Harlot – A standalone

Letters to Lincoln – A standalone

Jackson – A standalone

Coming soon

The Beautiful Journey

The Fight of my Life

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Review: Free To Breathe by KL Shandwick


The price of fame – One life – FOREVER.
The price of love – Heartbreak.
The price of one regrettable mistake + fame = Hopelessness

Be careful what you wish for.

Noah Haxby learned that lesson a little too late.

Young and impressionable, he followed the orders from the kingmakers of rock, gathered a massive following, and gained notoriety for his hellraising behavior.

Years later he was buried in hurt and regret; living a shell of a life that was almost in ruins – that is until tragedy struck and his life took an upward turn, bringing second chances in more ways than one.

However, Noah is still unable to shake his past, and the rock star’s life wasn’t truly his own until in a moment of clarity he risked it all.

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~~My Review~~

Noah Haxby is the frontman of Fr8Load, so he’s a rock star. His life is all over the media, for all to see and judge. Noah started his career at a young age & he was being told what to do and how to act by his management team. That has left Noah with a reputation that precedes him, and a life that isn’t what he wants. Noah doesn’t feel like he’s living, he feels like he’s surviving. That is until after the performance in Australia.

Maggie is a school teacher, she’s seen the media and knows of Noah, not just because of the media, her sister Shona has been kinda obsessed by Noah for years. Shona also works as part of Fr8Load’s image team. Maggie is the one looking after Shona’s daughter Molly whilst Shona is off doing her job. Maggie’s life is turned upside down after tragedy strikes and she has to travel to Australia.

Maggie and Noah are drawn together through a tragic circumstance that no one could have foreseen or really controlled. Maggie has understandably been hostile to Noah and doesn’t want to even be in the same place as him. Noah cannot understand why she’s like this towards him and wants to find out why.

This is when we start to see the real Noah Haxby. We discover the man behind the media portrayed bad boy.

Ok, that’s enough about the storyline, I wouldn’t want to give too much away!!

The characters are fantastic, they are realistic, loveable and sometimes hateable too 😉 

Maggie is level-headed and thinks things through before making decisions. It’s the way she’s always had to be and has to be now too. That said Maggie has chosen to believe the things she’s read and seen about Noah. After speaking to him she realises that she has no idea who he truly is and that she shouldn’t have believed everything in the media. Maggie has a lot to deal with right now, but she’s a strong woman.

Noah has been through a lot, he’s always in the limelight; whether he wants to be or not. He’s done some stupid things in his past that he’s not proud of and he’s paying for them now. Noah wants nothing more than to be able to live life without everyone believing the that he’s a bad person because of those mistakes. He’s a good, kind and loving man.

There is so much emotion in this book, all of it is real, the only way to describe it is it’s like being on an emotional rollercoaster ride that you can’t get off, and more importantly, don’t want to get off.

KL’s writing is as good as ever. I did find it to be fairly similar to other books by KL but that doesn’t take anything away from this particular book.

As a reader you can feel the emotions KL has put into her work and you can feel the emotions the characters feel as well as your own feelings and emotions that the events and characters invoke as your reading.

Free To Breathe is written from both Maggie and Noah’s POV, this makes it easier to understand them both and their feelings surrounding the events they face. 

I really have enjoyed reading Free To Breathe and I think that anyone who loves romance books will find themselves hooked on this book very quickly.

~~K.L. Shandwick Bio~~

Writing came relatively later in life for K.L. Shandwick after a challenge by a friend led to The Everything Trilogy and now she loves creating new storylines.

Her characters have flaws and she hopes this helps the connection between them and her readers. K.L. enjoys the journeys they take her on during the creation process and each character has his or her own voice. She also doesn’t use prepared outlines for her stories preferring the characters to take their own direction as the story progresses. These days K.L. lives in the Yorkshire countryside and writes full-time.

Is K.L. Shandwick a new Author to you? Check out K.L. Shandwick’s awesome emotional reads on her Amazon page. Already a fan? Never miss another release by clicking that little yellow follow button at the side and Amazon will always alert you to her new releases.

Amazon author page:

~~Other Books by KL Shandwick~~

The Everything Trilogy:

Enough Isn’t Everything, Everything She Needs, Everything I Want.

Love With Every Beat Alfie Black’s POV on music, fame and love.

Everything Series:

Just Jack (Jack from The Everything Trilogy.

Exhale and Move on Rick Fars appears in all the Everything series books

Everything Is Yours a novella with characters from The Everything series.

Last Score Series:

Gibson’s Legacy, Trusting Gibson, Gibson’s Melody novella

Ready for Flynn Series:

Ready for Flynn, parts 1, 2 and 3 and Flying Under the Radar, (Lee and Niamh from Ready For Flynn)


Missing Beats, Notes on Love and Free to Breathe.

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Review: Tales of The Mysterious and Macabre by Simon Parker


A collection of thirteen pieces of short horror/paranormal fiction. Tales that will thrill you, chill you, take your mind to dark places and leave you there for dead.
From the psychopath to the demon, from the creepy to the downright terrifying. These tales will make you rethink the world you thought you knew and make you want to sleep with the light on!

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~~My Review~~

This is one of the shortest reviews I’ve written in a while, as Tales of The Mysterious and Macabre is a collection of short stories, it’s a lot harder to discuss the characters and plots without giving too much away. So, without giving anything away it has made my review much shorter.

This is the first of Simon’s work that I’ve read, and I was hooked and captivated throughout every story.

These tales are exactly as the title suggests; mysterious, dark, macabre and downright creepy. Simon clearly has a talent for this type of story, and a collection of 13 stories is the perfect way to showcase that talent.

Each story is unique and individual. What I found with these stories is that they are complete, I’ve read some short stories in the past that have felt that they simply stopped as opposed to ending, this is NOT the case with these 13 stories.

The characters are very realistic and are well developed considering the stories are short. The stories are well developed and planned, the scenes are set and fit each story amazingly well.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Tales of The Mysterious and Macabre, I am also looking forward to seeing what Simon has to offer up next.

Overall this is a great collection of short stories that should give you the creeps and make your spine tingle more than once!

~~About The Author~~

Simon Parker is a horror writer from the UK. His current book, Tales of the Mysterious and Macabre is available on Amazon. Also horror artist and filmmaker.

~~Places To Find Simon~~

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Review: A Necessary Evil by Christina Kaye


In 1977, blood-brothers Frankie Cartwright and Kurt Jamison were inseparable. But when a shocking event touched someone they both loved, the boys handled the trauma differently… Kurt became a cop. Frankie grew up to be a notorious crime lord. Forty years later, when Frankie’s teenage granddaughter Mollie is kidnapped and Kurt is assigned to her case, the former best friends are forced to work together. However, Kurt wants to conduct the investigation within the confines of the legal system, while Frankie would rather use his less-than-legal resources to find her—and punish her abductor. With the cloud of a dark secret casting a shadow over each man’s endeavor to find Mollie, Kurt and Frankie exhaust every resource at their disposal in an effort to save her and serve up their own individual brand of justice.

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~~My Review~~

This is the first book of Christina’s that I have read. I’m sure it won’t be the last.

A Necessary Evil is the story surrounding the once friendship between 2 men on opposite sides of the law… Kurt Jamison; a detective & Frankie Cartwright; a crime lord.

When these two were younger they were best friends, blood brothers in fact. But then events happened & their friendship was torn apart.Frankie now turns to Kurt for help in finding his granddaughter, Mollie, who has gone missing.

Frankie’s request doesn’t exactly go as he would have liked though. Both men end up searching for Mollie. Kurt wants to find Mollie and her kidnapper the legal way, whilst Frankie wants to track them down and get revenge on whoever took her.

The race is on to see who will find Mollie first, or even if they will find her before it’s too late!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The abduction happens right at the start then we receive information from each of the characters as the chapters continue. Each character tells their own thoughts surrounding the current events as well as history too. The majority of the history is from & surrounding Frankie & Kurt, it doesn’t take long to realise why this information is so important.

I really liked how Christina has written a jigsaw puzzle, the information that each character gives are the puzzle pieces. The more you read the more pieces you collect. I found that I started to try & put the pieces together before I had them all… So just when I thought I’d worked out what was going on & what I thought was about to happen… WHAM!! It was all turned on its head.

The characters work extremely well together, the multiple POV really do work in this book, they help to give each character more depth as we can understand each one’s thoughts & feelings surrounding the events. The chapters are clearly labelled with a character name so we know exactly whos POV we’re reading.

Christina’s writing style is really good. It’s very informative but still manages to be suspenseful, keeping you guessing & turning the pages. The plot is good, Christina has taken a simple abduction plot and woven twists & turns into it to make her own.

I have enjoyed reading A Necessary Evil & I’m looking forward to reading more by this author.

~~About The Author~~

Christina Kaye was raised in suburban Central Kentucky in a family full of right-brainers. With a photographer/artist for a grandfather and an author/illustrator for a mother, she was bound to turn out on the creative side of the spectrum. She honed her writing skills in school, winning awards for her essays and short stories. Christina tried her hand at about every sport imaginable, which only went to prove that her efforts were better spent in other creative outlets such as art, singing, and writing. But it was writing that really stuck with her and she spent the next several years trying her hand at writing fiction novels, just for the fun of it.

She took a break for a while and focused on putting herself through paralegal school while raising two amazing Irish twin girls. She quickly learned that being a certified paralegal was the best career choice she could have made. On top of all of the cool cases she has worked on over the years, she was able to write original legal documents autonomously. When a national magazine for attorneys approached her in 2013 to write a short story for them about the life of a paralegal, she jumped on the opportunity. When the article was published and garnered her some amazing feedback, she realized how much she missed creative writing. She sat down and wrote her very first full-length fiction novel that year and hasn’t stopped writing since.

Her first published novel, LIKE FATHER, LIKE DAUGHTER (written under her former name, Christina Morgan), was named Suspense Finalist for the 2017 Indie Excellence Awards.

She loves reading (all genres except sci-fi), folk music, caramel macchiatos, puppies, thunderstorms, antique jewelry, dragonflies, the color purple (not the movie), and sweet tea.

Christina Kaye lives in Nicholasville, Kentucky with her two teenage daughters.

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Reviews: The Hunter Chronicles; Books 1-5 by Claire Marta

I have all 5 of these books now. I had read the first three back to back but written each review before starting the next book. At the end of book 3, I had to wait for book 4 to be ready. Then had to wait for book 5 to be finished. However, I may have read the first 4 a while ago but for some reason, I hadn’t managed to get my reviews typed up and published (Bad Blogger). When I came across this unpublished post on Boxing Day I decided to wait until I finished reading Twitch; Book 5, then publish them all together.

Enough waffle onto the book reviews…



Jasmine Hunter is a rookie agent working for the covert Supernatural Department of Scotland Yard.

Being kidnapped with a co-worker is the last thing she’s expecting from only two months in a job she loves. She is even more unprepared for the sparks that fly between her and one of their captors, especially when her unique senses are screaming he isn’t human.

Eric is a vampire, deep undercover with centuries of secrets. He has no time for distractions, yet he can’t seem to get the feisty female out of his head, nor the hungering desires she evokes within him.

Forced to work together, they must stop the diabolical plans of Marcel Coupe – the French arms dealer responsible for her abduction. As time starts to run out can they save themselves and Paris from disaster? Or will the sizzling attraction between them be their downfall?

*** This is part of a Paranormal Romance Series that features vampires, shifters and other supernatural creatures. Due to language and sexual content, this book is intended for readers 18 and older.***

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~~My Review~~

I felt that this was a great debut novel from Claire. Frostbite is the beginning of the Hunter Chronicles: it sets the scene for the stories to come!

Frostbite introduces us to Jasmine Hunter, Twitch, Eric and some other fantastic characters too. Jasmine is an agent who works for the supernatural department of Scotland Yard. Twitch is a techno-mage who works for the same department and Eric is a vampire; but not just any vampire, he’s a born vampire also known as vampiria.

Eric works as a freelance agent and is currently working undercover as a person interested in buying weapons from Marcel Coupe. Eric doesn’t want anything getting in the way of him taking this guy down. Jasmine is forced to work with Eric to help save Twitch from the clutches of Marcel and his goons. The longer Jasmine and Eric spend together the harder it is for them to ignore the feelings they have.

Can they save Twitch in time?

I love these characters. Each of them is unique, realistic and intriguing. They all have their own secrets and pasts which still influence them now. The feelings and emotions that both Jasmine and Eric experience are realistic and palpable, I could relate to both characters and how they were feeling. This made them feel much more real.

The plot is well thought out, the events roll almost effortlessly from one to another, the timeline for the events works and it’s easy to be swept up into the thick of the action. Claire has created her characters and their world carefully and with love. She has turned their adventure into a twisted and tangled web, of which you see unravelling before your very eyes, with every page you read! Claire has made it very easy to forget that it’s just a story!

I thought that Frostbite was a great paranormal romance that also has a fantastic mix of action, humour and suspense.

I can’t wait to see what book 2 has in store for this bunch!


~~Synopsis~~Dark Desires

Jasmine Hunter finds herself knee deep in a decadent vampire nest in Prague. A killer lurks the medieval city and is preying on blood donors who frequent the home of the local Vampire Mistress.

With her teammates from Scotland Yard in tow Jasmine, must attempt to discover the murderer’s identity.

But will things go to plan? Sex dungeons, submissive human pets, and sexy dominant males are a lot for a rookie to cope with.

Especially when Eric is the last person she expects to see…

Requested to assist with the hunt for a vicious serial killer by an old friend, Eric is left speechless to find Jasmine offering herself up as food. The attraction between them is burning as red hot as before, and his lust for the feisty female is just as deep.

More disturbing, his emotions which he normally has leashed, once more slip in her presence. Yet this time they feel different. Darker, primal, and savage yet Eric cannot explain why. The insidious pull of the other predators around him is also more than a sweet temptation he finds himself unable to resist.

Combining forces, Jasmine and Eric must play the parts of Master and submissive.

But nothing is as it seems.

Can they work out who the killer is in a household full of deception and secrets before it is too late? Or will a price be paid in blood….

*** 18 & over only. Contains sexual scenes, light BDSM, sex and some violence. ***

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~~My Review~~

Dark Desires is the second book in The Hunter Chronicles and it launches us straight back into Jasmine’s world. Like last time Jasmine finds herself in a whole heap of trouble again!

Dark Desires is set a few months after Jasmine had last seen Eric. They shared an unforgettable night of passion then Eric took off. Jasmine misses Eric and hopes that she will hear from him soon.

Jasmine’s newest assignment has her in the heart of a vampire nest in Prague. She and her team are after a murderer who seems to be killing human women close to this nest. So Jasmine and one of the other girls from the team are undercover as blood donors.

The mistress of this nest has summoned Eric and another vampiria; Asier; to the nest to conduct their own investigation and to track down the killer. Jasmine and her team have no idea that Eric is in the nest. When Jasmine arrives both her and Eric are equally shocked to see the other one there.

Who will find the killer first? Will the mistress of the nest get her claws into Eric? And why oh why is Asier so interested in Jasmine?

Jasmine is fiery and strong-willed, she doesn’t like being controlled or told what to do. Eric is hot, sexy and dominating! He likes to have control over everything but he can not control Jasmine. I think this is why they make such a hot couple.

The other characters play their parts well. I’d like to see more of them in the future books, especially Asier, Twitch and Jemma. Twitch’s humour is present throughout and never fails to bring a smile to my face or to make me laugh out loud.

The plot is well planned and well laid out. The events flow effortlessly and are incredibly believable. Eric and Jasmine’s relationships anything but plain sailing, but then is any relationship? Claire’s writing style continues to be full of emotion and captivating from the start, making reading her work an absolute pleasure!


Claimed By Magic~~Synopsis~~

Broken hearted from Eric’s betrayal in Prague, Jasmine turns to her best friend to get her mind off everything she has lost.

Twitch takes her on a wild adventure in an attempt to cheer her up, but unbeknownst to either of them, danger lurks within the shadows of the techno mage’s magical homeland.

An ancient evil is rising.

No one is safe.
No one can be trusted.
Lines are drawn.
The battle to survive begins.

*** Warning this book contains some violence, sexual scenes, magic and adventure. For an audience over 18. You should read Dark Desires before this book in the series. ***

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~~My Review~~

After reading books 1 and 2 of this series I must confess I’m kinda hooked! I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book.

Claimed By Magic starts with Twitch and Jasmine, they are heading to Twitch’s homeland. Up until now as much as Twitch has been one of the main characters he has been kept under wraps, only seeing little snippets about him, his backstory has been sketchy to say the least. Now we get to learn a little more about him and his past.

As much as we see into Twitch’s life and family, it’s not all fun and games. There is evil just around the corner. And Jasmine and Twitch are tangled up right in the middle!

This book is also filled with the same levels of action, adventure and steaminess. But at the same time its so different, as the action in Claimed By Magic starts much quicker. The characters are still surrounded by suspense and mystery that will have you hooked and constantly guessing until the very end.

We also see a side to Jasmine and Twitch’s working relationship that we don’t see very often. This makes them more endearing to us as a reader.

Claire Marta has once again created another part to the world in which The Hunter Chronicles is set. It has been created in her usual unique way and it joins seamlessly with the rest of the series so far.

Claire’s writing style is as good as ever, it pulls you into the plot and holds you right alongside Jasmine and Twitch until the very end. Claire has given just the right balance of descriptive information and character interaction. She has once again packed this instalment with action, suspense, mystery and a splash of steaminess too.

This series just keeps getting better and better with each book. I truly can not wait to see what happens in book #4 and where Claire takes this next.

Another very intriguing instalment!


~~Synopsis~~Serpents Kiss

Jasmine Hunter’s addiction for the vampire bite is swallowing her whole. Left with no other choice; she seeks out the Master Vampire of London to ease her pain.

But Asier Serpico has his own agenda. Dark, lethal, and intoxicating; he offers sweet seduction and even more—pleasure. He wants to take her pain—and her body—from the one she loves.

Can Jasmine resist Asier while fighting to prevent the impending disaster of a new drug wreaking havoc on the city streets….

…or will London fall?

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~~My Review~~

This book was fab! I loved it, I was hooked from the very beginning. This is book 4 in The Hunter Series & I was dying to get my hands on this story.

The Serpent’s Kiss is Asier’s story. Asier has been present in the other books in this series; he’s always been somewhat of a mysterious figure, not anymore!, It’s his turn to be in the spotlight. Now we see Asier as we’ve never seen him before, we get up close & personal with him. Although I wouldn’t mind getting closer to him!!! 😉

Jasmine is still trying to live with her problem; the vampire bite addiction. When the effects get too bad Twitch decides to take her to Asier’s club in London. Jasmine knows that Asier’s help will come at a price, but she knows that she doesn’t have much choice.

Asier has a problem of his own; someone is selling drugs in his club & he has no idea who, how or what they are selling. He knows that the people who take it wind up dead or in a coma.

Jasmine & her team are also looking for the dealer/manufacturer, as luck would have it they end up working with Asier to find them. Asier states he wants to be paired with Jasmine!

This book certainly opens your eyes to Asier & his way of living! Seeing things from Asier’s POV (as well as Jasmine’s) helps us to learn & understand ha the Master Vampire works, we also find out what his Vampiria powers are, & how he uses them to his advantage.

Asier has a dark & dangerous side to him. In The Serpent’s Kiss we see more into just how dangerous he can be. At the same time, we see how loyal & protective he can be too.

Once again Claire launches us straight back into Jasmine’s world & we are placed seamlessly back alongside Jasmine & her friends.
The world that Claire creates is fantastic. Her characters are realistic, lovable & believable. Claire draws you in effortlessly from the first page & holds your attention until the last page.

All that’s left for me to say is if you haven’t yet started this series, you really need to.


TWITCH COVER~~Synopsis~~

Still grieving from the tragic events in his homeland, Twitch is struggling to find a balance. While trying to control a new, unforseen side to his magic, the last thing he expects is to be consumed with thoughts of a pink haired girl with innocent grey eyes.

Bewitched and confused with the feelings Lexi stirs within him, Twitch is blindsided by the danger that surrounds him. What he thought he knew isn’t as solid as he believes.

With enemies drawing near, threatening both their lives, Twitch must master his new magic to survive, or be forever crippled by what has been unleashed.

~~Pre-Order Link~~

GoodreadsAmazon US | Amazon UK

~~My Review~~

This is a continuation of The Hunter Chronicles Series. But this book is finally the story of Twitch. Twitch is the resident pervy techno-mage that is Jasmine’s best friend. This story is amazing, it’s not what I was expecting!

I won’t go into details about the story as I can’t allow myself to give away any of the details of this fabulous story.

What I can talk about is everything else except the plot.

The characters are amazing, Twitch, Lexi, Nelly and Zook! Twitch’s character finally reveals his hidden depths. We learn so much about his past, present & future. Twitch has so much more to him than we could have ever realised.

Lexi is a strong character, she is feisty, intelligent & passionate, she knows what she wants but she also has a deep down vulnerable side, & she doesn’t want to lose what she has and loves.

Nelly & Zook are both new characters & again they have their reasons for being there & they play their roles extremely well. They fit the overall plot & are there to keep trying to help and guide Twitch to be better & to achieve his full potential.

Claire’s writing is once more fabulous, she continues to create & weave a story that captivates the mind & hearts of those who read it. These characters have a place in my heart & now I have an understanding of Twitch, which has only made him more endearing. Claire has put so much emotion into Twitch’s story & it’s very clear to feel it throughout the whole book.

Overall I have loved every page of this book & I really am looking forward to seeing where these characters take me next time around.

If you haven’t yet read this series I would genuinely recommend starting with book 1 & following these guys with their journey!

Claire Marta~~About The Author~~


A native Brit, I live in Italy with my husband and daughter. When I am not writing and drinking copious amounts of tea, I enjoys taking photos of my adoptive country, trying to stay fit with running, reading amazing books and being a stay at home mother.

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Reviews: Undesirable and Undefinable, The Seven Years Gone Series Books 1 & 2 by Liz Iavorschi-Braun

Undesirable, Seven Years Gone #1.


Five generations after world leaders engineer a virus to decimate the population and keep it under control, life continues as normal for those living in The Society. They are divided into classes and go about their lives because it is all they know. The genetically fortunate become rulers, while those labeled undesirable are never seen again. Torn between her obligation to The Society that she was raised in and a desire to choose her own fate, Ginger takes a chance and risks it all to cross a vast wilderness alone for a chance to be free.

~Book Links~

Goodreads | Amazon UK | Amazon US

~My Review~

Ginger lives with her parents in the Society, she is approaching her sixteenth birthday and knows that her selection test is looming. Everyone in the Society has to undergo a selection test to determine which section of the community they will spend their adult life.

Ginger is convinced that she will be classified as an Undesirable, and she makes a decision that will have an impact on both her and her family. The question is does she make the right decision?

Undesirable is a great starting point for this series. It’s pace is steady and I think that is because it is so informative. Ginger gives us a lot of information which is obviously important to help us understand just what she is facing and experiencing.

After becoming more familiar with the style of this author’s writing I was pulled into the story alongside Ginger. The author has done a fantastic job at making me understand just how difficult dangerous Ginger’s journey really is.

Ginger is a strong female character and she has some serious determination. How she found the strength to get up and keep going baffled me, I don’t know if it call it courage and guts or just sheer stubbornness not to be beaten! Whichever it is good her for not giving up.

Dystopian is a genre that I usually struggle to read, that said I have enjoyed reading this book and I’m looking forward to seeing where the author takes this in the next books. Which luckily for me I’ve already read 😉

Read on for my thoughts on book #2…

Undefinable, Seven Years Gone Book #2.


The Choices we make define us, but they have consequences. Ginger must come to grips with the ramifications of her actions, even as she comes into her own.
While war looms on the horizon, Ginger learns that freedom, family and love are worth fighting for, regardless of the costs.
Author Liz Iavorschi-Braun’s much-anticipated second book of the Seven Years Gone series is a gripping story you won’t want to put down.

~Book Links~

Goodreads | Amazon UK | Amazon US

~My Review~

Undefinable picks up right where Undesirable left off. We re-join Ginger on her journey through the unknown but now she’s in Harrison with Rane and Myra.

Ginger continues to grow and show more and more strength and determination. We see her develop into a young woman who is more mature than she should be considering her age. The more situations that Ginger is forced to face, the more she holds her head up and face both the challenges and her fears head on!

All the supporting characters are well thought up and are life like. They may only be the supporting characters but they have their own lives, they also interact and intertwine with Ginger, Rane and Myra very well.

The overall plot for this book isn’t a straightforward beginning, middle and end, it has so much more to it. There are twists and unexpected events that occur, and these help to keep a firm hold of the readers attention.

After reading both books in this series so far one thing I have learned is that Liz has a fantastic knack for building a world that is clear and so well thought out it made me feel like I was there and if I reached out I would be able to touch it.

I have enjoyed reading this series so far and I’m looking forward to reading book #3 to see what else is in store for Ginger.

~Liz Iavorschi-Braun Author Bio~image

Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Liz spent several years living in the Okanogan valley of British Columbia where she found inspiration for the setting of the Seven Years Gone series. She currently resides on the Black Sea coast of Romania with her husband and their cat, FuzzyButt.

~Places To Find Liz~

Website | Amazon Author Page | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads

Liz also has some awesome swag that can be ordered from etsy like lip balm, body butter, candles and tea. All organic and made for the books by artisans. she don’t profit from it, but has it available all the same. These products can be found here:

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Review: Jackson by Tracie Podger



“It’s time to get my shit together. Time to tell her that I love her. Time to right wrongs and put the past behind me. But I have an addiction, one that haunts me, that takes over my body and mind. One that leaves scars.”


“It’s time to get my shit together. Time to tell him that I love him. Time to move on from my past. But he has an addiction, one that scares me, one that I don’t feel capable of dealing with.”

Jackson – Son of a wealthy, abusive man finds peace in art. Whether that art be on his body or walls, it gives him an outlet.

Summer – A woman in mourning, finds peace in the arms of her friend.

Together they can fight their demons, they can put the past behind them – or can they?

Can two broken people have the love they both desire? Or will dangerous, harmful outlets and loss forever consume them?

Jackson is a standalone with The Passion Series.

Angsty romance for over 18’s. This novel contains scenes that could be a trigger for some. Please feel free to contact the author or refer to the Trigger Warning section on the author’s website –

~Book Links~

Goodreads | Amazon UK | Amazon US

Jackson Cover

~My Review~

Holy smoke… Where do I start???

Jackson is a fantastic book. Seriously every page was captivating. This book contains a topic which will not be easily read for everyone, that said it is handled extremely well and for those who do read Jackson it will touch your heart!

Jackson is an amazing story in which we see two people fighting their own demons as well as trying to help each other to deal and heal. The question is can they overcome all their demons or will some be too much too handle?

I will not allow myself to discuss the storyline in too much detail for fear of writing spoilers for those that are yet to read Jackson. What I will say is that this story is a journey full of emotion, secrets, guilt and discovery. It will have you completely invested in in these characters and their overall journey.

Jackson and Summer are both suffering for different reasons. As much as these two have been friends for a long time they both have things the other doesn’t know and that is slowly beginning to eat away at them. The two can help each other heal but the road to healing is far from smooth.

This story may contain subject matter that can be hard for some people to read, even I found it difficult at times, but Tracie has written it extremely well and has kept it incredibly real. Tracie has dealt with the issues that do exist in the real world, and that makes it even easier to relate to. Tracie has taken some very real, very painful and heart breaking times and has created a very addictive story, that is enjoyable, heart breaking and enlightening to read.

Tracie’s writing style is as always a pleasure to read and sucks you into the story alongside the characters. I was pulled into Jackson and Summer’s world from the very beginning, and I was held there until the very end. The emotion Tracie has put into this book comes through from both the characters. Every ounce of happiness and pain these two went through I experienced with them as though it was my own. I know these two had their claws in my heart because I actually felt the point at which my heart broke.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Jackson. I can definitely see a book hangover for a while. Just whilst I try and repair my heart. Well done Tracie for creating another compelling story that I’ll be reading time and time again!

~About The Author~Tracie

Tracie Podger currently lives in Kent, UK with her husband and a rather obnoxious cat called George. She’s a Padi Scuba Diving Instructor with a passion for writing. Tracie has been fortunate to have dived some of the wonderful oceans of the world where she can indulge in another hobby, underwater photography. She likes getting up close and personal with sharks.

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