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I’ve been a writer for over fifteen years, been published for over twelve and have written over eighteen books, though only eleven of them have been publilshed so far. I am also a vicorious reader in that I will pretty much read anything I like the sound of. I’ve always had a soft spot from crime, mystery and young adult books so when I started writing it was no surprise to me that I chose to write those kind of books. However, even though I usually read over 150 books a year, being an author has very much had an impact on how I read, and in some instances what I read as well.

Before I was a writer, I could lose myself in books. I still can do that, but I also find that I look at the words through a different lens. While before I was writing my own books, I would stick to my genres and never really venture outside of YA, crime/mystery and possibly contemporary romance. It wasn’t that I didn’t think other books were my thing, it was more that I had a very stunted view of what could be enjoyable. I stuck to the same authors and rarely went looking for books by new people or browsed the library or bookshelves to see what took my fancy. I was also a bitty reader in that I could go weeks, if not months, not reading. It was something that I very much enjoyed, but it was something I didn’t always have time for, or want to make time for.

As a teen I was a big reader, my friends and I would spend our Friday nights at the local library picking out sixteen books to read during that week. It was usually all similar stuff like Sweet Valley Twins and the Babysitter’s Club, stuff like that. There would be occasions that I’d re-read what were to me, classics, like The Famous Five and Secret Seven and other Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl books that filled my childhood with wonder. I remember the first adult book I read that filled me with a love for crime fiction. It was Hot Money by Dick Francis and I have my mum to thank for that because she was listening to his books on audiotape from the library. I now own that audio tape though I have no way to listen to it.

I was nineteen when I first properly put my ideas onto the page and wrote my second book…well it was actually my first being that it ended up as my debut, but the second book I finished and was happy with. At that point in my life, I was picking at reading. If it was an author I knew and loved – Harlan Coben, Kathy Reichs, Sue Grafton, J K Rowling etc, then I’d pick it up and read it. But at the same time, I didn’t really make time for reading because I had somewhat lost that thrill and love of the written word in all that was going on in my life.

Fast forward to being published in 2005, and I still wasn’t really spending much time reading. I had the series and the books I liked. I went to the library often and picked out books, but I did not come close to 150 books in a year. And then there was a lull in my writing career as my second book wasn’t published until 2011 and although I was writing still, I was also juggling college, a failed university attempt and then later, an actual university degree. It was really 2012 when I was really getting into being an author that things changed. I started to branch out both in my own writing, but also in what I read.

I no longer stuck to the usual genre, and while crime/mystery are among my favourite genres, I was suddenly reading beyond that. I was picking up fantasy books and loving them, I was reading historical fiction – a genre I didn’t even know exisited – and being blown away with how much I freaking loved it! I was meeting other authors and reading their books and my reading world opened up to this wide array of books. Around the same time I invested in a Kindle, which helped open my world even more. I no longer had to worry about whether my hands were strong enough to hold a book. I no longer had to worry about how many books I could fit in my hospital suitcase, or holiday suitcase, I could carry hundreds in one small package and with the connections I was making, I was suddenly reading daily.

I know a lot of authors who’ll say that it’s because of their occupation that they’re unable to enjoy books as much as they used to. I can agree with that to a point. There are some books I’ve picked up and I’ve had to put them back down because I just can’t. But I also think had I not been an author, I’d have felt the same way. I still get lost in books, very much so, and I’m at the point where if someone asks for my all time favourite, I couldn’t tell them. I have lists upon lists of favourites! Being an author didn’t change my reading experience for the worst, it elevated it into something I hadn’t known since I was a teen, and I am very much happy with that.

About Joey Paul:

Joey Paul is a 35 year-old, disabled indie author and a recent University graduate with a BA (Hons) in Health & Social Care. She loves to write and is at the moment working on her thirteenth and fourteenth books, as well as preparing her ninth book for publication. She started writing young adult crime & paranormal fiction when she was medically retired from her job at the age of 19. Her first book, Blackout, was released in 2005 and after a brief time away, her second one, Dying Thoughts – First Touch was released in 2011. When not writing, she’s either reading or out and about in the middle of nowhere looking for Tupperware with the aid of a GPS, otherwise known as geocaching.

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Publication History:

Blackout (2005, published by Author House, then self published in 2011)

Dying Thoughts – First Touch (2011 self published, first in Dying Thoughts series)

The Friendship Triangle (2012, self published, novella)

Dying Thoughts – Second Sight (2012, self published, second in Dying Thoughts series)

Lynne & Hope (2012, self published)

Dying Thoughts – Third Wish (2013, self published, third in Dying Thoughts series)

Waiting On You (2014, self published)

Dying Thoughts – Fourth Week (2015, self published, fourth in Dying Thoughts series)

Destination: Unknown (2016, self published)

Dying Thoughts – Fifth Secret (2017, self published, fifth in Dying Thoughts series)

It’s Not Always Rainbows (2017, self published)

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Joey Paul’s Books:


Young Adult/Crime/Mystery/Drama

Trade Paperback/E Book

Publication Date: August 2005

Author: Joey Paul

Cover: Beverley Carry

ISBN: 978-1505408324 / 978-0-9553437-0-4, 224 pages

List price: £5.50/£2.99

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About the book

Imagine having everything you ever wanted. A perfect family, a perfect boyfriend, perfect friends – the whole group that only exists because of you!
Then imagine waking up one morning and discovering you don’t have any of that.

It was a dream… a dream you had in a coma that was supposedly brought on by drugs. Imagine having to start again at school, desperately trying to fit in and prove that the ‘drug’ thing must have been a mistake – that you do deserve to be one of the ‘elite’. Trying so hard to remember what really happened that night.

Welcome to Tally’s life… only problem is, someone doesn’t want her to remember.


Tally is like every other teenage I’ve met. She wants to fit in, be popular and goes through life with the most important things being how and what happens in school, with friendships, and enemies. I thought her an endearing character. The story was witty and the added thriller plot was unexpected. The book was narrated by Tally in the first person, which gave it that added emotional flair.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and Joey Paul does an excellent job building her characters. It is well written and a very valuable read for Y/A and teenagers going through difficult, yet memorable times in school and in their lives. – Jana Petken

Remember what it was like to be at school… that was the first thing this book reminded me of.

Somewhere between a thriller and a who-dunnit I couldn’t put it down. – Nat (Goodreads)

“Blackout” by Joey Paul is a moving and cleverly told teenage drama about 15 year old Tally, a girl who longs to fit in.

The mystery of the blackout from the title needs to be solved while we experience the ‘friends’ from the dream in a much unfriendly way.
Paul writes with great sensitivity and empathy about her teenage characters and the price of popularity.

The story turns into a gripping thriller from here that keeps you glued to the pages. Told with the endearing narrative from Tally herself the story benefits from the youthful perspective that will remind each and everyone of us of our own youth, our hopes, our teenage angst and the joy when some things do turn out ok. – Christoph (Goodreads)

The beginning of this YA novel was quite charming, quite tongue in cheek. I really liked the writing style. Then it took an unexpected turn, though I am not going to give anything away here but it took me by surprise. The pace was good, I could relate to the characters, although rather a lot of them were introduced at the beginning and it took a while to sort them all out – I would have preferred to meet them more gradually. The build up at the end was good. Recommended if you have a teenage daughter, would make a good present. – Lucinda (Goodreads)

I sometimes read young adult to teen targeted books just to see what’s out there. I wasn’t sure of this, but it ended up really good! Full of teen angst, but the situations are real enough to not be cliche’.

Nicely put together. – Monkeybutts (Amazon)

The beginning of this YA novel was quite charming, quite tongue in cheek. I really liked the writing style. Then it took an unexpected turn, though I am not going to give anything away here but it took me by surprise. The pace was good, I could relate to the characters, although rather a lot of them were introduced at the beginning and it took a while to sort them all out – I would have preferred to meet them more gradually. The build up at the end was good. Recommended if you have a teenage daughter, would make a good present. – Books R Best (Amazon)

Joey Paul excels at getting into the teenage mind set. The main character is 15 year old Tally and her school friends and frenemies. The girls are at times naïve and easily led, spiteful and cruel, and confused and selfish, as they work out the difference between true friendship and being popular.

The book opens with Tally’s perfect life as the most popular girl in school. Unfortunately she is in a coma and when she regains consciousness it is to discover she is one of the social outcasts she shunned in her dream life. In her bid to become popular she learns appearances can be deceptive. – Maria (Amazon)

Dying Thoughts – First Touch

Young adult/mystery/paranormal

Trade Paperback/E book

Publication Date: February 2011

Book One in the Dying Thoughts series

Author: Joey Paul

Cover: Beverley Carry

ISBN: 978-1505412918 / 978-0-9553437-1-1, 228 pages

List Price: £6.50/ £2.99

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About the book:

Ever had a secret? Something you can’t tell anyone in case they think you’re crazy.

Tara does – she sees the last moments of people’s lives when she touches something that belongs to them.

Kaolin does – she doesn’t want anyone to know the truth about what happened to her father.

Now they’re both in trouble because secrets never stay quite as secret as we wish they would.


Dying Thoughts is a young adult mystery at its heart, but Joey Paul has made it so much more. It is a funny and entertaining story of young Tara’s ‘gift’, though she doesn’t consider it one. The first person narrative is neatly done and takes us on this journey in a sixteen year old’s shoes remarkably well. Tara’s introspective conversations are witty and does not grate (I’ve found that if not done well, it can ruin a book for you. It has ruined quite a few books for me.) But Joey has done a great job. Tara herself is very endearing and her relationship with her father seems very real. The mystery itself serves as a backdrop to Tara’s journey of self discovery, but is suspenseful and keeps you turning pages.
I think this book serves as a great introduction to Tara’s gift and how she realizes that she could be in a position to help people. I see there are more books about Tara Leverton’s adventures. I look forward to reading them. Five stars, Joey Paul!
– Jan Raymond

I loved the voice in this story. It was of a very realistic and rebellious teenager with a unique problem. She can channel the death of a person just by touching something belonging to them or something they have touched. This gift causes a loss of consciousness when it manifests, leading to her being secretive about it and also contributing to her lack of friends, something exacerbated by girls hero worship over her widowed and retired pop star dad. – C.N (Goodreads)

I loved Tara, the young 16 years old girl who goes through the death of her mother and then has visions and a new gift to deal with. She is strong and likable. She held my attention and I read this novel in one sitting because of this. The writing is very personable and intimate. It is also witty in parts and a many great lines. The mystery and suspense were also in the mix and I believe this will be a great book for Y/A and adults alike. I don’t think we have heard the last from Tara…I hope not, for she has many adventures still to come.

Five stars here for a great story and storyteller. – Jana (Goodreads)

Though this book is written for a YA crowd, I absolutely loved it. Tara’s character is witty and fun and I very much enjoyed seeing the world through her eyes. She is an extremely likeable character and a perfect narrator for the reader’s journey through the events in the books. Her visions are intriguing and mysterious at times, making the book a really fast-paced read that is highly enjoyable. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series! – Angie (Goodreads)

Dying Thoughts is the first book in a series, and I’m excited to read more. This is the story of Tara, who after the death of her mother started having “visions”. Basically she can see people’s deaths. Can you imagine?

Despite her self- deprecating views of herself, Tara is funny and clever, and has a firm grip on her “gift” (if you can call it that).

And then a new girl moves to town – Kaolin. Kaolin also has felt the loss of a parent, and after a startling vision, Tara and Kaolin begin an investigation and friendship that will change their lives forever.

This was a great book. Easy to read but heartfelt, mysterious, and engaging at every turn. It had a unique storyline and a main character you just can’t help wanting to connect with. I think I liked Tara more than she liked herself, but I found her sarcasm and self criticism endearing.

Excellent story, great writing, and a series that can appeal to both adults and teens. I’m eager to see what happens next in the series!! – Carissa (Amazon)

I really enjoyed this. The plot is fast-paced and the writing style is crisp and clean enough for this book to be appealing to reluctant readers. Overall I would recommend this for 11+, particularly those who may struggle with longer and less stimulating novels. – H. Marlow (Amazon)

The Friendship Triangle

Young adult/contemporary/drama

Trade Paperback/E book

Publication Date: February 2012


Author: Joey Paul

Cover: Beverley Carry

ISBN: 978-1505412864 / 978-0-9553437-2-8, 122 pages

List Price: £5.00/£0.99

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About the book:

Did you ever think that running away could solve things?
Sometimes the world throws so much at you that escape seems like the only option.

Sarah, Chloe and Charlotte thought it was.

They’re about to discover that problems follow you and that sometimes there is more to friendship that it first seems.


The Friendship Triangle is a sweet children’s book that is filled with positive messages about friends and family. Also shares insight on bullies and divorce among other serious topics.

This is an unpredictable story that left me guessing all the way through. This story is full of heart and raw real life struggles. There is a bit less wit in this book compared to the authors later works but still a touching story that I think young girls will enjoy and relate to. This author writes so naturally that you can feel the emotion and see the landscaping. I am a huge fan. – Brenda Perlin

This is a Y/A novel, however it does contain slightly darker and less humorous elements compared Ms Paul’s later works. I am a fan of this talented author. I am not an avid young adult book reader but I have read this author’s work before and I enjoy her natural flow of words and stories, which have the ability to delve into the minds of her young characters and readers.

3 girls, who don’t have it easy, strike up a friendship. This type of storyline is a good example of how friendships develop, how bullying destroys, and how loyalty in the face of adversity, wins.

I will now hand this over to my niece to read, and regardless of my age, I will continue to read Paul’s books.

A great story from a gifted author. – bookcollector (Amazon)

Three normal teenage girls, which have the same issues most girls have at their age, but they also have to deal with problems in their families as well. I’m not sure what the age range the author was going for but I did feel some of the content was a bit too deep for younger adolescents

I did like how the author brought the issues of bullying, divorce and other family problems into it. This was done with a lot of skill, and it showed the strength of her characters off perfectly.

The dialogue was spot on, but it was a bit jarring that we went from one charters situation to another’s without a break. Apart from that well written. – D.M (Goodreads)

Very great book. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it, and am excited to give it to my daughter. It deals with themes that might be a bit much depending on the level of your YA reader, so as a parent I recommend reading it first. But it handles the topic well, and is very well done. Five stars! – Amazon Customer (Amazon)

The Friendship Triangle by Joey Paul is about three girls who’s rough lives lead them to a magical discovery of friendship. They’re all strong in their own ways with a close bond that I enjoyed- but Chloe was really my favorite. She was really strong when things seemed down for her, and is someone I could see myself looking up to. The details and smooth dialog took me inside the pages and emotionally moved me.
The some of the content was a little darker than I am used to but I like how the author wasn’t afraid to talk about them. There were a few misspellings that sort of distracted from the story.

Over all I would recommend this to young teens and anyone else who is interested in the power of friendship, some magic, and lots of drama! – MayRiver (Amazon)

This is the first book that I have read by this author and I really enjoyed it. Although the book focuses on the friendships and relationships of three girls, anyone can relate to the issues in the book.

The book covers topics encountered by many youth today: divorce, bullying and death of a loved one. As with adults, these relationship based situations are emotionally challenging and difficult to deal with even with friends. They are much more difficult when alone without anyone to talk to.

The author’s writing style is informal and relaxed making this an ideal book for young teens struggling to find themselves because of isolation or other problems. Nice job Ms. Paul. – Blue Lady (Amazon)

Dying Thoughts – Second Sight

Young adult/crime/mystery/paranormal

Trade paperback/E book

Publication date: February 2012

Second in the Dying Thoughts series

Author: Joey Paul

Cover: Beverley Carry

ISBN: 978-1505412901 / 978-0-9553437-3-5

, 203 pages

List price: £7.00/£2.99

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About The Book:

Tara Leverton has a ‘gift’. Up until recently it has been kept a secret from everyone.

Things have certainly changed.

For one, Tara has a best friend, Kaolin. For another, Kaolin, her dad and the police know about her ‘gift’. She’s got the chance to help them solve murders – actually make a difference, one that doesn’t involve doing homework on time.

When tragedy strikes, can Tara be the eyes seeing things that no one was supposed to see?


I absolutely loved the first book in this series, and Joey Paul did not fail to disappoint in her follow up! Tara is just as wonderful as in the first book. Her humor really carries the book to great places and makes it such a fun read. I enjoyed getting to know her all over again and follow her adventures as she lets her gift lead her on new journeys. A great series for any age reader! It does not disappoint! – Angie Martin

Tara has a best friend, Kaolin. She is not alone, in many different ways, in this instalment of the dying thoughts series. Tara’s father and a police office now know about her secret; her powers to see and hear things from the other side of the thin veil. With her gift, slightly more out in the open, she finds new purpose, and a new vocation, fighting crime.

I enjoy Joey Paul’s books. She has a natural gift for storytelling and a smooth engaging writing style. This, as with her other novels, showcases, not only good plot lines, but humour shining through, quirky dialogue, and an overall story that hangs well throughout.

A great series, so far. Looking forward to more.– Bookcollector (Amazon)

Dying Thoughts ~ Second Sight takes you right back into Tara’s life. There is something so refreshing about this series. I can’t get enough of the great adventure. With all the humorous moments there is a real life force. I am touched by the real life emotion filled with depth and great insight. This series moved me, entertained me and left me wanting more. This particular book was completely riveting and I was lost into the mystery that this story held. This is what a great book does. Leads you to a great escape that you can connect to at the same time. – Brenda (Goodreads)

I absolutely loved the first book in this series, and Joey Paul did not fail to disappoint in her follow up! Tara is just as wonderful as in the first book. Her humor really carries the book to great places and makes it such a fun read. I enjoyed getting to know her all over again and follow her adventures as she lets her gift lead her on new journeys. A great series for any age reader! It does not disappoint! – Angie (Goodreads)

I’m definitely becoming Joey Paul’s fan! I’m enjoying her protagonist – Tara’s – voice so much that I can’t stay away from the “Dying Thoughts” series. Tara, a fifteen year old schoolgirl with a gift of seeing the last minutes of someone dying if she touches something that belongs to them, is again in the thick of it. Not only has she got involved with the police, using her gift to help inspector Mike, her new friend from school, a blind girl Cassie, goes missing, and, eventually turns up dead. Tara and her best friend Kaolin swear to do everything possible and impossible to find the killer…

Tara, despite her self-doubts and sarcasm, is extremely lovable and sweet. Once again she’s ready to do anything possible and impossible to punish the monster who killed Cassie, she doesn’t mind another detention to put her big mouthed classmate Jody into her place, after the latter accused Tara in killing Cassie and her own mother (I actually laughed out loud at their words exchange prior to Tara throwing a punch, which was just priceless!). I’m not going to give anything else away, just read it and I assure you, you’ll enjoy it! I’m off to read book 3;) – Ellie (Goodreads)

I absolutely adore Tara’s voice. She is the classic angst-ridden teenager with an attitude and something a little different. How does a teen cope with seeing stuff from the dead? It isn’t easy and until recently, she had kept her ability hidden from everyone, which made her isolated in a different way than having a retired pop star dad did. Now she has one good friend who knows, along with her dad and a police detective. It is time to make the next move, following in her mother’s footsteps to help police solve violent crimes. Hard enough for an adult, so it comes with a growing curve for Tara.

I read the first book and snapped this one up when I saw it, eager to continue with the journey. I have not been disappointed. Love this! – C.N (Goodreads)

Lynne & Hope

Young adult/crime/mystery/drama/contemporary

Trade paperback/E book

Publication Date: July 2012

Author: Joey Paul

Cover: Beverley Carry

ISBN: 978-1505412888 / 978-0-9553437-4-2

, 201 pages

List Price: £7.00/£2.99

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About the book:

Lynne and Hope are sisters – they share parents and living space, but that’s pretty much it.

Until one day when Lynne has to run and rely on the sister she hates to save her.

If Hope fails, Lynne’s going to jail and she can kiss her perfect job goodbye, but if she succeeds, will Lynne be able to swallow her pride and see Hope for who she really is?


Despite being sisters, there is a distance in Hope and Lynne’s relationship. The age gap of ten years doesn’t help, and the older sister, Lynne, resents the intrusion of a new sibling.

As the years roll past, time does not heal the relationship, with Lynne increasingly pushed to the bottom of the pecking order. Events reach a crisis when Hope is hospitalised during Lynne’s exams, and the older sister blames the younger for her poor results. However, when Lynne’s career encounters a cataclysmic detour towards sacking and jail, it only Hope that can help.
This is a great book with a unique narrative. Always told in the first person, the perspective expertly switches between each sister in this engrossing tale where each sister wrestles with their ego’s; one to ask for help, the other to give it.
This is a moving tale of sibling rivalry, jealousy, and ultimately love and redemption. However, what lifts this story above so many of its genre, is the subtext. Hope is in wheelchair and Lynne is equally trapped by her blind dedication to her job at the expense of everything. The notion of prisons is one that we can all relate to, and the illustration that some prisons are of circumstance whilst others are of choosing is just beautiful.

This moving tale sucks you in from the outset and keeps you reading long into the night.

Fans of Judy Blume and Jennifer Echols will love this.

Recommended. – M. Sockel (Amazon)

The relationship between siblings are always funny. They never start of as best friends. Sometimes it is remains strained throughout their lives. Sometimes it becomes better with time and siblings become best friends. Sometimes it starts off well but sours down the lane. Lynne and Hope is about two such sisters, who started off on a positive note but soured over the time because of an accident which resulted in Hope confined to a wheelchair.

The story is really very interesting and gripping. The core of the story is the relationship between Lynne and Hope. The way it changes and transforms with various events that happen in their life is a really interesting thing to read. The language is very simple and easily put, which makes the reading experience very smooth. The flow of the story is engaging and powerful. It is said from the point of view of both the sisters, which gives us the complete picture of the scenario.There is a pull in the story which makes you feel like you are an immediate part of their lives and not just a bystander watching the movie go by. There is an emotional connection which comes to the characters because they are so well-developed that they almost feel real and sitting right next to you.

A very interesting mystery novel to be read by anyone who likes such types of book, Lynne and Hope is highly recommended to everyone.
Star Rating : 5 Stars – Devi (Goodreads)

Lynne & Hope by Joey Paul is a delightful read that I thoroughly enjoyed. Lynne & Hope are sisters, 10 years apart in age, and all was well between them until on Lynne’s 15th birthday Hope was in a serious auto accident that paralyzed her lower extremities and killed the driver. Lynne had no idea what had happened until 9 p.m. that night when their father came home and abruptly mentioned Hope was in the hospital in surgery. The family dynamics shifter after that to attention directed to Hope at the cost of Lynne being neglected and consequently withdrawing emotionally from the family. The story is beautifully written from both POVs of Lynne & Hope, chapter after chapter, giving us the insights into a sheltered naïve character in Hope and the resistant resentful older sister in Lynne. And just as their lives all changed so many years ago, it changes again when Lynne gets into trouble at her job. He’s a serologist DNA specialist in a crime lab. When a case comes in involving a lot of blood samples from elderly women being murdered, the testing turns up a shocking and unsuspected suspect: Lynne. Lynne’s unfortunate situation is seed for Hope to flourish and break out of her restricted naïve bubble to help her sister. This is an easy read, a fun read, but it goes deep in the character development and scenes that evolve expressing the family dynamic that’s been impacted by tragedy. And I might add I loved the mystery aspect involving Lynne that was thrown into the storyline that moved it along with heightened interest. – Paulette (Goodreads)

Dying Thoughts – Third Wish

Young Adult/Crime/Mystery/Paranormal

Trade Paperback/E Book

Publication Date: July 2013

Third in the Dying Thoughts series

Author: Joey Paul

Cover: Beverley Carry

ISBN: 978-1505412949 / 978-0-9553437-5-9

, 245 pages

List Price: £7.50/£2.99

Available from Amazon

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About the book:

Join Tara and Kaolin in the third book in the Dying Thoughts Series.

It’s finally summer and all Tara Leverton plans to do is spend the time sunbathing, hanging out with Kaolin and doing as little as possible. Her gift has kept her busy and now is the chance for some serious down time before her final year at school.

Her dad, on the other hand, has different ideas about how Tara should spend her summer. He’s desperate for her to realise that life in the real world isn’t all solving crimes and hanging out with friends. She’s about to discover that their definitions of summer are complete opposites when her dad gets her a job at a local charity.

When a scary pattern emerges with the charity’s clients, Tara is thrown into the middle of a new case. Who is killing their clients? And can Tara find out before they come for her?


Tara Leverton is a likeable 15-year-old who has had visions of people on their death beds since she was six. With her psychic ability, she works for the police to help solve disturbing and violent crimes often involving the most vulnerable. Tara has no interest in going to uni after her final year of school and wants to continue her psychic work. Tara’s dad has other ideas. He’s lined up holiday work for her during the summer break at Sunflower Wishes, a charity for terminally ill children—although Tara would rather spend her holidays with her best friend, Kaolin or sleeping in. At first the job seems to be a dull filing position, but it soon escalates into an opportunity for Tara to expand her psychic experience in a series of ugly but related crimes.
Joey Paul’s writing style is immediate, lively and very enjoyable. She makes you believe and love her character, Tara who acts and speaks like a witty 15 year-old with everyday concerns about study, work and life. I especially liked the fact she wasn’t perfect. She’s a feisty teenager with a mind of her own.

‘Dying Thoughts – Third Wish’ is an engrossing and entertaining murder mystery for teenage readers that is sure to appeal to a wider audience. – E. M. Cooper (Amazon)

Another great book in the series by the talented Joey Paul! Third book was even more suspenseful and fast-paced than the first two, with the protagonist Tara facing real dangers at the place she never suspected to have problems with in the first place – the charity foundation. However, the job that her father forced her into during her summer break seems to have not such noble goals behind its innocent façade. Terminally ill patients die at the mysterious circumstances prior to the big charity events, and right after big sums of donations to the charity follow… Despite her father’s and the police inspector Mike Clifford’s protests, Tara continues her own investigation, and soon she realizes that who she trusts matters the most.
I loved the element of mystery that the author managed to keep throughout the whole story to reveal the murderer only at the last few pages, and an incredibly suspenseful finale! Brilliant work, as always!
– Ellie (Goodreads)

Paul writes with great charm and really gets inside the head of a young teenager. It was refreshing to have a realistic teenager, stroppy at times negotiating her life and relationships. Here we have a feisty, always opinionated and sometimes lazy girl with more in her head than thoughts of boys. This girl has a special gift and concerns of murder on her mind.

Engaging writing that builds suspense and easy to relate to characters. Having read book 3 (which works perfectly as a stand alone) I intend reading the first two in the series and will look out for future books in the series.

Well produced and enjoyable. – Fiona (Goodreads)

What a delightful book about a 15 year young psychic. Tara is a great character, not just because of her gift, but because she is multi-dimensional. She is feisty and resourceful but still a dutiful daughter of sorts.

I’m a sucker for stories about mediums and psychics and this is a great one, as Tara helps the police to solve crimes. I’ve read a few of Paul’s books and they all have a great feel to it. I hope to see more of Tara and this series. Loved it. – Molly (Goodreads)

This novel shows the often-complicated relationship between siblings. These sisters are at odds with one another due to an accident when Hope was five years old. Resentment and misunderstanding fester over the years causing an ever-widening breach between Lynne and Hope.

Due to another unfortunate event in their lives, they finally realize how much they love one another. Don’t worry I haven’t given away the plot. There is much left for you to discover in this touching story. Another enjoyable aspect was the author’s use of alternating points of view. This is a great Young Adult story! – Anon Anon (Amazon)

Waiting On You

Young Adult/Romance/Contemporary

Trade Paperback/E Book

Publication Date: July 2014

Author: Joey Paul

Cover: Beverley Carry

ISBN: 978-1505412963 / 978-0-9553437-6-6

, 225 pages

List Price: £7.50/£2.99

Available from Amazon

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About the book:

Angelina and Zack couldn’t be anymore different; one lives in apparent riches and the other in poverty.

They meet online and a friendship blooms, but then things in Angelina’s life take a turn for the worst and she finds herself turning to the only person she thinks loves her – Zack.

With everything against them, can Zack and Angelina cross the distance to change her life before it’s too late? Or will Zack have to watch from afar as Angelina continues to suffer?


The book is written in a quirky young voice that is instantly likeable because of the great sense of humour. Angelina is a pupil and teenager, long suffering for all the responsibilities dumped upon her. She has a tough life and we sympathise with her right away, yet, this is not as depressing as it may sound. It sucks to be her, but reading about her doesn’t

We switch to point of view 2: Zac, who is also one of the ‘good guys’ and very helpful. The book is about their romance and how the two support each other. I can’t say more without spoiling it, so I will leave it to you with my warmest recommendations.
Once in a while you read a good young adult book that has got something special and this is one of them.
– Molly Flanders (Amazon)

Waiting on you is one of those books that can be read and enjoyed by people of all ages, but is especially good for the teenage group.

I think the subject of bullying has impacted most people in one way or another and if that is true for you – you’ll find this book gives a very accurate and extremely heartbreaking account of what it is to experience this. The book is written in a very relatable way. I especially enjoyed watching the budding friendships develop throughout the story and the growth of the characters.
I’d absolutely recommend this book. In fact my own daughter is preparing to read it next. Great job Joey Paul.
– Calista Smith (Amazon)

An excellent story that covers a multitude of emotions and scenes/issues that are so true to any young person growing up. Joey Paul has a raw innocence to her writing. She has maturity and the know how how to get her points across through the character Ange and narrates in a way that will hold the interest of any teen, on the other hand she writes as if she is sitting with a bunch of teenagers

The writing is flawless and organised to make the story a great read with a racy pace.
As a mature reader I thoroughly enjoyed Waiting On You, and will read more from this author. – Shazzie (Amazon)

It takes a strong writer to bring a story like this to life. Joey Paul did a wonderful job. She manages to convey a 14 year old girl’s problems in a 14 year old girl’s voice. She also sheds light onto a very real problem: bullying. I found the characters and situations to be very real. The writing flows smoothly. I enjoyed Waiting on You. – writes4coffee (Amazon)

Bullying is an important and difficult subject. This author does a remarkable job enlightening the reader about the effects and impact of bullies, while still telling a romantic tale about young love. The topic is approached with great insight and sensitivity. The characters are believable and the reader quickly becomes attached to the protagonist. The story is both uplifting and heart wrenching. It is told in an intimate narration that really allows the reader to relate to the main characters. I highly recommend this story for teens and parents as well as anyone else with a loving and caring heart. – Jim (Amazon)

The subject is pretty heavy but Joey Paul’s writing style brings lightness into the story, making this a fast and easy read. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing easy about bullying and I am 100% against it, but the author truly has done remarkably good job with the storyline, keeping the voice of the main character quite authentic as of a girl of age fourteen, spicing up the writing with a hint of a delicate humor and yet managing to wrap an actual and difficult topic into a very interesting design that kept me turning the page after page. There are several side plots so even if the topmost theme is bullying, I think a lot of people, no matter what age they are, will find this book being ‘their cup of tea’.

This was a first book I read from Joey Paul but definitely not the last. This story is current, fresh and definitely a must read. If you like Alex Flinn’s Beastly (the book!), you will love this one, too. Absolutely amazing! – Jennifer Loiske (Goodreads)

Dying Thoughts – Fourth Week

Young Adult/Crime/Mystery/Paranormal

Trade Paperback/E book

Publication Date: August 2015

Fourth in the Dying Thoughts series

Author: Joey Paul

Cover: Beverley Carry

ISBN: 978-1516807833 / 978-0-9553437-7-3

, 240 pages

List Price: £8.00/£2.99

Available from Amazon

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About the book:

Join Tara in the fourth Dying Thoughts book.

Tara has a gift that allows her to see the last moments of someone’s life when she touches something that belonged to them.

She’s finally close to finishing school, but then disaster strikes when Kaolin is kidnapped. Can Tara find her friend in time? Will her gift be able to save her friend before it’s too late?

What’s the point in having a gift that won’t even help save the ones you love?


Wow, what a wonderfully written young adult crime story! And especially when a protagonist, Tara, possesses a special gift, allowing her to see the moments before the victim dies, which adds an amazing paranormal twist.

Most of all I appreciate strong characters in a book, and Tara, even though she’s only 16, is that strong character. After an untimely death of her mother and a close friend, she faces another challenge: find and save her best friend Kaolin, who was kidnapped. Tara handles the situation with an admirable strength, looking for clues despite her father’s protests and sometimes even going against the police detective Mike, who she’s working with.

It’s a fast-paced thriller, which kept me on the edge of my seat until I finished it. I couldn’t put it down, I just had to know what was going to happen next! I highly recommend this book to everyone, who loves a good quality mystery, detective and thriller genre, all in one. Beautiful job! – Anonymous Amazon Customer

Truly amazing. I came into the series at the forth book and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Author Joey Paul has talent. I love an author with the confidence to put their own voice into their writing. The story of Tara and her special gift should appeal to a wide range of readers.
– Reggie (Amazon)

I’ve been following this series from the first book: First Touch. I am not generally a Y/A fan but I love the paranormal twist in these books. I also love the character Tara, who is a humble and gifted medium, with a gift – or curse, of being able to see events in people’s lives before these events happen. This time her friend is in danger – can Tara save her?

Joey Paul writes from the heart. I can feel her emotions coming through her characters. She is a great story teller, with a very competent writing style that I enjoy. I could see this as a TV series, featuring TARA. It is that good. – Jana (Goodreads)

I’ve came to the series late by starting with Dying Thoughts, where have I been? This is a YA and can be read as a standalone.

I am familiar with Joey Paul’s work and I enjoy her writing style. In Dying Thoughts – Fourth week she produces a well written story that is easy reading. Young and old will warm to her characters and narrative. A young girl, crime and a special gift keeps the story interesting from beginning to end. I am gong to catch up on books 1 – 3 and I know I am in for a treat. – Tracy (Goodreads)

Author Joey Paul has talent. I love an author with the confidence to put their own voice into their writing. The story of Tara and her special gift should appeal to a wide range of readers.

Highly recommended. – Reg (Goodreads)

Without having read the first three in this series (I know, I’m a rebel), I found this story easy to follow and without the usual hurdles experienced when reading out of order. Our main character, Tara, has the gift of seeing a dead person’s last moments when she touches something that belonged to them. This is a gift I’d not thought about before, and found the concept interesting. In this story, Tara’s best friend goes missing and she finds herself investigating with and without the help of the local police to try and figure out what happened and find her alive, before her gift kicks in and shows her it’s too late.

The way the author dances around this character’s gift is impressive. The story moved a bit slower than I normally like, but then again it is geared toward young adults and it’s been a long time since I was a young adult. Overall, I would recommend it. – Biblophile (Amazon)

I thought the idea in this YA novel was clever and the story line was excellent. The main character Tara was believable and I could almost see and hear the average teenager saying the same things and feeling similar emotions. The only down side for me was the repetition of facts and I felt the book was a little long due to this. However it was an enjoyable read and I will recommend it to young readers, although I hope they feel better about staying at school and passing their exams. – Books R Best (Amazon)

Destination: Unknown

Young adult/Crime/Mystery/Paranormal

Trade Paperback/E book

Publication Date: 9th July 2016

Author: Joey Paul

Cover: Beverley Carry

ISBN: 978-1532990809 / 978-0-9553437-8-0, 274 pages

List Price: £9.00/£2.99

Buy from Amazon

About the book:

Harriet has a complicated life. She cares for her chronically ill Mum, while trying to juggle school and a social life. She’s tired, overworked and underpaid.

Then, one day she sees what she thinks is a ghost, but ghosts don’t exist, do they? And they especially don’t help you travel in time, right?

Now Harriet has a murder to solve, all the while trying to make sure no one finds out about the secret behind that stone in her back garden.


An intriguing YA mystery I recommend to readers of that genre.
Paul’s great strength as a writer is her uncanny ability to morph herself into a teenager. The voice of the fifteen year old Harriet is totally authentic along with her attitudes, concerns and her view of the world. YA books I’ve read fall into two camps, books written for adults dealing with teenager’s concerns and those than can be read by adults but are written to appeal directly to the target audience. Destination Unknown in firmly in the second group and Paul writes to engage directly with a younger audience.
– Maria (Amazon)

Another amazing work from Joey Paul! I’ve read “Dying Thoughts” complete series and I grabbed this newbie as soon as it came out, since I knew I was in for yet another compelling mystery treat, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed! This time Harriet, a young 15-year-old teenager who has to balance a school life and caring for her sick mother, finds herself in quite a difficult position, when one day a ghost appears in her house asking for her help…
I’ve always enjoyed how masterfully Joey Paul can combine the ordinary with something quite extra-ordinary and even supernatural, and that’s a sign of a very talented writer. I also appreciated how she didn’t shy away from such sensitive subjects as unexpected sickness of a parent and the impact it has on a child, growing up without a father, school issues such as being a loner, making friends and many more issues that will definitely resonate with many young adult readers
. – Ellie (Goodreads)

Dying Thoughts – Fifth Secret

Young Adult/Crime/Mystery/Paranormal

Trade Paperback/E book

Publication Date: 15th May 2017

Fifth in the Dying Thoughts series

Author: Joey Paul

Cover: Beverley Carry

ISBN: 978-1543060928 / 978-0-9553437-9-7, 446 pages

List Price: £9.50/£2.99

Available from Amazon

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About the book:

Join Tara in the fifth Dying Thoughts book

Tara has an admirer, someone who thinks the world revolves around her. The problem is, they won’t reveal their identity and the notes they’re sending her are getting weirder and creepier.

Then there’s the fact that she thinks she’s being watched. And the notes seem to be coming from someone she knows. Now she’s getting scared.

Can she find out who they are before their behaviour escalates and Tara pays the price?


This book can be enjoyed time and time again. It is amazingly intense and the author prepares you for the journey for you to take alongside the characters really well. The characters and story development were perfectly done. This book was extremely well written and has fast become of my favourite books. I will definitely want to one click future releases from this author. This book was full of different emotions with many twists and turns in the book that will keep you guessing what is going to happen till the very end. I have the feeling that I am going to be seeing some special works coming from this author.
I could not wait to get to the end so I devoured it in one sitting. Incredible work!!
The storyline was done really well and was believable. It kept me gripped from the very start until the end, so much so I took the book everywhere with me in order to finish it. I adore this book and cannot wait to read the next in the series as well as other work from this amazing author. I will definitely be recommending this author to everyone I know.
Definitely one awesome book to pick up
– Amanda (Goodreads)

Luckily for me I had the opportunity of reading Dying Thoughts-Fifth Secret. I thoroughly enjoyed how the book was written. It was almost like Tara was sitting with me, the reader, telling me the story over a cup of tea. The mystery and intrigue kept me glued trying to guess the outcome and, just when I thought I had it all worked out some new clue threw me off track. Very easy exciting read. Will definitely be checking out other books by this author. – FeeMac (Goodreads)

WOW! This book was so exciting! Full of mystery, suspense, family and a best friend.
Joey Paul is a new author to me and when I was asked to do a review, I was excited. I read the synopses and loved it. I wasn’t disappointed one tiny bit. Joey kept me guessing until the reveal and guess what? I was right! It was so much fun trying to figure out who the stalker was right along with Tara. I laughed, cried, smiled big and held my breath along the way. If an author can do that to me, then in my book, they are a 5 star author. But I would give this book 10 stars if I could. I enjoyed the book so much and had a lot of fun reading it. I love, love how Joey starts out the book, I’m still wondering if this really happened or if it’s just a story.
– Valerie (Goodreads)

Dying Thoughts – Fifth Secret by Joey Paul is a series that I loved from the first book in the series, First Touch.
I adore the authors ability to make me as a reader feel as if she is talking to me and gives a visual that makes the scenes seem like they really are happening before my eyes. It’s a gift that makes reading a pleasure.
Tara Leverton is a sixteen year old who at times seems wiser than her years and at other times so childlike that I don’t expect her to say what she does. She has a rare gift and that is not the only trait that makes her special. She is full of personality, endearing, really, and is so funny at times that I can’t help but laugh out loud. There is also a vulnerability to her that most young readers will be able to relate to. This is a young adult series but I’ve loved each and every instalment that has come out. I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time but I can happily say, it was clearly worth the wait. –
R. B (Amazon)

It’s Not Always Rainbows

Young Adult/Crime/Mystery

Trade Paperback/E book

Publication Date: 30th June 2017

Author: Joey Paul

Cover: Beverley Carry

ISBN: 978-1543061017 / 978-0-9957593-0-5, 520 pages

List Price: £10.00/£2.99

Available from Amazon

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About the book:

The LGBTQ rainbow covers people from all walks of life. Catherine and her friends all have to struggle for acceptance in their own lives. Parents, friends, teachers, pretty much everyone seems to have their opinion on how they should live.

The only people who don’t tell them what they should do are each other and the people inside the LGBTQ community.

So when people from that community start getting attacked and then murdered, Catherine feels she has to do something to stop it.

Dealing with her own issues with her religious parents is tough enough, but what do you do when who you are is the reason someone wants you dead?


It’s Not Always Rainbows by Joey Paul is a touching and impactful story about being a gay teen dealing with closed mindedness and prejudice. Very realistic as the author takes you into the lives of her and her friends all living as outsiders and in religious families that might not accept their choices.

It’s hard enough growing up as people can be so close minded but coming out to your parents and friends is yet other thing to contend with. And, of course the judgment.

I really enjoyed the story and how the author is so open, as a reader it feels like she is talking about her life and not a fictional one, which this is.

I love coming-of-age stories because of the vulnerability and how relatable they can be. This book has great heart and insight to being young, an outcast and misunderstood by most of society. Books like this hopefully makes people more aware and companionate to everyone around them. No matter what race, religion or sexual orientation. R.B (Amazon)


There are two prizes up for grabs in this giveaway:

A signed paperback copy of It’s Not Always Rainbows direct from Joey; International & a Swag Pack; UK Only.

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