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Guest Post

First, I want to say thank you so much to Lou for having me on the blog. I can’t remember the first time I met Lou, but I know that we have been digital friends for a while now and it was all because of our shared love of books. You have always been such a great support of me and my adventure, no matter where it led me. From blogging, to writing, you have always been there. Thank you so much for all your continued support! I am so honored to be able to post on your new blog. It looks great by the way. You can never go wrong with purple.

Top Ten Facts about Danielle Young

1. I’m a high school Culinary Arts teacher. Where I get to share my passion for cooking and the restaurant industry, as well as spark passion and creativity in my students. Coolest. Job. Ever.

2. I am surrounded by boys. Seriously. I live with my 5 fantastic boys, husband, and 3 male cats. Ok, so there is one other female in the house, my dog. But we are seriously outnumbered.

3. I don’t believe in saying never. That has bitten me in the butt more than a time or two.

4. I write young adult not only because I’m always surrounded by them, but because I connect with them. I’m not gonna grow up.

5. Music is it. My muse, my serenity, my calm. Take it away and I’m pretty sure I would go crazy.

6. And speaking of music, I recently got to see my all time favorite band, Green Day, live. And it was the best freaking day ever.

7. I’m a nerd. No surprise to some, but seriously, I am. A book nerd, gaming nerd, superhero nerd. Yup, that’s me.

8. I love to draw. Sometimes it is the only thing that unsticks my writers brain.

9. I’m a slow writer. It takes me at least a year to write a novel.

10. My current WIP, Failure, is based loosely on a very personal moment in my life.

And there you have it. Probably more than you ever cared to know. But if you want to know more you could always follow me on Facebook or Instagram. I’m always there.

Thanks for stopping by, and don’t forget to show my girl, Lou some love. Oh, and enter the giveaway.

Danielle’s Books:

GuidedCoverGuided The Jade Ring Series book 1


Jo’s life is in danger. And she doesn’t even know it.

A descendant from one of the world’s most powerful Wiccan families, she is hunted by a powerful warlock desperate to destroy her family line.

Kept in the dark, it isn’t until she comes of age and her powers awaken that Jo is made aware of the danger she’s in.

GUIDED by her Angel protector, and best friends, Jo will have to learn to harness her powers before she loses everything.

Links: Goodreads | Amazon


Deceived The Jade Ring Series book 2 Final Digital Cover


Life is fleeting. No one knows that better than Jasper.

After failing his mission, Jasper puts his trust in an unseen source in order to reverse the magic that’s been done.

Unfortunately, magic of that magnitude has consequences. Only time will tell what those are, and what they could mean for magic… as well as Jasper’s heart.

Links: Goodreads | Amazon

DestinedCoverDestined The Jade Ring Series book 3


Jo gave herself up to save those she loves.

Alone and without magic, she has to fight to save herself and the Jade Ring.

Jasper blames himself for losing Jo and will do anything to save her.

Even if it means becoming what he hates most.

Will she be able to save the Jade Ring and reunite with Jasper or will he be lost to her forever?

Sometime’s the only way to protect something is to destroy it…

Links: Goodreads | Amazon

Author Information:

I am a first-time author, who never imagined would one day write a book. Then again there are a lot of things I never imagined happening. I live in New Mexico with my husband, best friend and soul mate. I keep the company of my five wonderful boys, who keep me laughing and young.

I currently teach High School Culinary Arts where I get to share my love of food and culinary creation with young minds. In my spare time I’m a book blogger at Consuming Worlds, a food blogger at Culinary Brainchild, and a contributor at Dumb White Husband. I love books, gaming, and watching a good movie.

Links: Twitter | Facebook | Author Blog | Instagram

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