Cover Reveal: The Devil’s Plaything – Ceasefire Series Book 2 by Claire Marta

The Devil’s Plaything – Ceasefire Series Book 2

By Claire Marta

Cover Designer – Alora Kate

Cover Kraze Book Cover Designer


Lust, sex, lies.
I fell in love.
l bled and broke for him.
I foolishly played his game and woke to find he’s not done with me yet.
He’s dead set on stripping everything I am bare.
I’m nothing but his plaything and he’s pulling my strings.
But things are going to be different.
I’m more than an assassin, a monster with a pretty face. I’m his undoing.
I will rise. Seek my revenge. Outwit his deviant schemes.
This time…I plan to win.

*This is a dark erotic paranormal romance and contains certain triggers some readers may not enjoy. Due to scenes of an adult nature, this book is for 18+ ONLY.*

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The Devil You Know – Ceasefire series Book 1

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Cover Reveal: The Devil You Know, Ceasefire Series Book 1 by Claire Marta

The Devil You Know – Ceasefire Series Book 1

Author Claire Marta

Cover Designer: Alora Kate – Cover Kraze

Release date end of March


My name is Mavi StClair.

I’m a monster with a pretty face. An assassin in trade. Guilt, remorse, it’s never touched me. I’m as cold as they come and just as professional.

Dealing death has always come easily, and I inflict it with ease. It fuels and feeds the twisted darkness inside me.

My downfall begins with a single night of untamed passion leaving me hungering for more of him.

One wicked soul recognizing another.

Now he owns me.

The lines of what I know are blurred.

I’m playing his game.

A pawn, eternally tangled in a web of secrets and lies.

He won’t let me go.

Taking pleasure in my fall from grace.

Question is, can I save myself before I’m damned completely?

******  This is a dark erotic paranormal romance and contains certain triggers some readers may not enjoy. Due to scenes of an adult nature, this book is for 18+ ONLY.  ******

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Reviews: His Confession & Her Confession by Sophia Valentine

His Confession; The Black Door Trilogy Book #1


Discover a world of sex, secrets and seduction…

When Gabriella Woods finds matches from a gentlemen’s club in her fiancé’s pocket, her suspicions require a search for answers…

At the club, she realizes it’s not her fiancé’s fidelity that can’t be trusted.

It’s her own.

Darion Milano is daring, intriguing, and unpredictable…

Unable to get him out of her head—and against Darion’s explicit warning—

Gabi begins a torrid affair. No longer fighting the urge to enter the depth of his dark and mysterious lifestyle, she indulges in his most intimate desires.

They become the most exciting, wild, infatuated couple everybody knows.

Until his confession changes everything…

Her heart is telling her to stay.

Her instinct is telling her to run.

She can never match his outrageous ex-wife and become the fun, fearless woman he craves…

Or can she?

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~~My Review~~

I’ve been wanting to read this book; well trilogy, for so long! Finally, I have gotten around to starting them. I’ve got books 1 & 2 as signed paperbacks and that’s what I’ve read. I’m just waiting to get my hands on a signed copy of book #3.

The question I have is where do I start this review…

Darion… Swoon! OK, OK not the right place to start 😉

His Confession throws us into Gabi & Darion’s lives. Gabi meets Darion after finding a packet of matches from a gentleman’s club in her fiance, Lawrence’s, pocket. Gabi goes to the club to try and find some answers as Lawrence’s behaviour has been a little suspicious of late.

Once at the club Gabi finds more than she bargained for. The club doesn’t bring Lawrence’s fidelity into question so much as her own!

So enough about the story; I wouldn’t want to give too much away. Let’s discuss the characters!

Gabi is in a relationship with Lawrence, in fact, they are engaged. But Lawrence has been displaying some behaviours that could suggest he’s not being faithful, because of that Gabi is feeling like she’s trapped & in a one-way relationship. When she finds the matches she suspects the worst & knows confronting Lawrence he’d probably deny anything so she heads to the club.

Gabi strikes me as smart & sexy but she’s also bored I think deep down she knows that she’s with Lawrence for the wrong reasons.

Darion; he’s the owner of the gentlemen’s club that Gabi finds herself in. Darion is all kinds of hot but he has a darker side to him. After meeting Gabi, Darion warns her to stay away as he’s no good for her (Yeah like that’d work!!) But Gabi can’t help herself.

Darion has issues himself & when he reveals just why he won’t let a woman near his heart its fully understandable. The question is will Gabi be the one to chip those walls away brick by brick or will Darion make her run the other way.

These two characters have some serious chemistry together. They also have a very realistic relationship on a non-sexual level too; their conversations flow & they interact incredibly well.

Their journey is by no means easy & I’m sure that it won’t ever be easy. The issues they face & tackle are issues that most of us will face at home at some point in our own lives.

I think that His Confession is a great starting point for this series & I can’t wait to continue reading Her Confession to see what happens next.

His Confession captured my attention from the very beginning & kept me hooked until the very end. It’s clear to see that S. Valentine has conducted some very in-depth research into certain aspects of this book as they are so realistic. You can also feel the emotion that both S. Valentine has put into her writing & her characters.

For me, this is a great start to what promises to be an intriguing and great trilogy. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to read book #2; Her Confession! 🙂

Her Confession; The Black Door Trilogy Book #2.


Gabi is adapting to Darion’s daring world. Trying to break down his defenses, and help him move on from his damaged past, she hopes he can offer her the love and security she desperately requires.

With his outrageous ex-wife in the picture, a constant threat, Gabi finds herself agreeing to Darion’s open-minded adventurous fantasies. The bond they share appears stronger than ever.

Until her confession changes everything.

Is Darion pushing Gabi to her limits, and further away from him?

Or is Gabi in too deep to give Darion up, regardless of her identity that he’s slowly stripping away?

A world of temptation, truths, and ultimate tests.

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~~My Review~~

After reading His Confession I was so glad that I had Her Confession to continue with.

Gabi & Darion’s relationship is still new & Gabi is still having some issues accepting a part of Darion’s lifestyle that she had never before experienced. Darion is still struggling to fully let Gabi in thanks to his past and his ex.

These two work well together as neither one is perfect. They both have flaws and are both dealing with issues and experiencing insecurities over different things within their own and each others lives. That aside they have a chemistry that is off the charts!

The characters have continued to develop and grow. The introduction of Darion’s ex adds another level to the relationship dynamic and causes both Darion and Gabi to think and react differently.

I think that Gabi’s reaction to Eva is fairly true to how a lot of females would react to their boyfriend’s ex-wife turning up out of the blue. I think some of her insecurities are a little rash and unfounded but I understand that her past experiences or lack of have coloured her thoughts and feelings.

Due to the dual POV’s we get to see how Darion feels about the appearance of his ex-wife and how he feels towards Gabi. I just wish the two of them could open up and explain how they truly feel, but this is easier said than done.

Her Confession is more angsty that His Confession, but has so much emotion contained within its pages. The more of the book I read the more hooked I became, it was as if I was right there alongside both Darion and Gabi, feeling everything with them. It wasn’t all happy either, there were times when I wanted to slap the pair of them or bang their heads together!

Sophia’s writing is incredibly easy to fall into and follow, it grabs a hold of your attention and pulls you further and further into the story, holding you engrossed until the end and then leaves you needing to know more. The way the characters are described and portrayed makes them come to life before your very eyes, you can’t help but become invested in each of them, rooting for them or wishing they’d crawl back under the rock they crawled out from!

I felt like this was a great way to continue this trilogy. I’m only gutted that I don’t yet have a signed paperback of Their Confession to continue with straight away. (Don’t worry I will be messaging Sophia soon to rectify this)!

I honestly think that if you like a romance with some steamy scenes, then this would be right up your street. But I’d most definitely recommend having read His Confession first, if not having all 3 books lined up ready to go continuously! 

I’m off to message Sophia for a signed copy of Their Confession now 😉 

~~About The Author~~

S. Valentine lives in the West Midlands, England. After studying English Literature and Law, she worked in a Solicitors for many years. In 2015, she returned to her passion of writing books.

She’s also a weekly columnist for The Ibizan newspaper on: lifestyle and fashion. Her other interests include reading, shopping, music and a nice glass of wine to shows such as Sons Of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Gossip Girl and Suits. She’s a social media addict, and loves connecting with new people, so drop on by to:

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Review: Tales of The Mysterious and Macabre by Simon Parker


A collection of thirteen pieces of short horror/paranormal fiction. Tales that will thrill you, chill you, take your mind to dark places and leave you there for dead.
From the psychopath to the demon, from the creepy to the downright terrifying. These tales will make you rethink the world you thought you knew and make you want to sleep with the light on!

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~~My Review~~

This is one of the shortest reviews I’ve written in a while, as Tales of The Mysterious and Macabre is a collection of short stories, it’s a lot harder to discuss the characters and plots without giving too much away. So, without giving anything away it has made my review much shorter.

This is the first of Simon’s work that I’ve read, and I was hooked and captivated throughout every story.

These tales are exactly as the title suggests; mysterious, dark, macabre and downright creepy. Simon clearly has a talent for this type of story, and a collection of 13 stories is the perfect way to showcase that talent.

Each story is unique and individual. What I found with these stories is that they are complete, I’ve read some short stories in the past that have felt that they simply stopped as opposed to ending, this is NOT the case with these 13 stories.

The characters are very realistic and are well developed considering the stories are short. The stories are well developed and planned, the scenes are set and fit each story amazingly well.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Tales of The Mysterious and Macabre, I am also looking forward to seeing what Simon has to offer up next.

Overall this is a great collection of short stories that should give you the creeps and make your spine tingle more than once!

~~About The Author~~

Simon Parker is a horror writer from the UK. His current book, Tales of the Mysterious and Macabre is available on Amazon. Also horror artist and filmmaker.

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New Release: Ryder; The Razer Series Book #1.5 by K A Sands




Title: Ryder

Author: K A Sands

Series: The Razer Series Book #1.5

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: 30th January, 2018

Cover Design: K A Sands

Hosted by Francessca’s PR & Designs




Ryder Laurent has lived an unapologetic life, not caring how others viewed him or how questionable his actions were. Covered in an abundance of ink, and sporting a ‘devil may care’ attitude, he’s every bit the bad boy he appears to be.

When Taylor Hamilton resurfaces, someone he’d thought was dead years before, his life flips. He falls back in love with the woman he’d met eight years earlier.

A year into their almost perfect relationship, Ryder wakes one morning to cold sheets, and Taylor running all over again, leaving him no answers.

Except this time, he knows where she is, and vows to bring her back home. With mistakes from his past hell bent on making sure Ryder is in for the fight of his life, he finally learns the true meaning of love and family.

Can he track down his demons and put them to bed before they destroy any chance he has at being the man he craves to be?

Or will Taylor disappear from his life a third and final time?

*Full of surprises and revelations, heartache and joy, Ryder is the conclusion you’ve all been waiting for.

*Please note – 18+ – contains adult content.

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After eight long years of running, Taylor Hamilton has had enough of looking over her shoulder.

Tired and emotionally spent, she comes face to face with her past. Walking away had never been her intention. But how can she come back to the man whose heart she broke, right along with her own?

Can Taylor find the home she so desperately craves, without putting those around her at risk?

Can she come home again to the man who promised her forever?


One-click CALLING TIME, The Razer Series #1 TODAY!



Paperback: U.S | U.K

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Life can change in a split second, a minute moment, an infinite hour.
For Laura Hamilton, her split second lasted 2,880 minutes. 48 hours to be exact. She barely escaped with her life. With a body full of scars and a heart full of hurt, the twenty-nine-year old clothes designer spent the following eight years clouded with grief, believing herself to be too broken to ever see the beauty in her surroundings again.
After a last-ditch attempt to scrape some semblance of her pieces together goes disastrously wrong, Laura’s pushed pin guides her to the sleepy village of Beaufort. No longer content to hide behind her sister, or languish in the depths of her sorrow, she finds a measure of peace among paranoia and fear, carving out an existence she is almost comfortable with.
Laura inadvertently catches the eye of the enigmatic hotelier and newcomer, Lucca Rinaldi. For the first time, her heart begins the slow trip towards letting another man into her life. Passion and pain go hand in hand when the couple finally meet.
Little does she know that Lucca’s history is not so far in the past as he thinks. His troubled affairs follow hot on his heels, bringing scorn and hate back into her fold. When their pasts collide with explosive consequences, Laura’s bitter memories threaten to pull her under when a walking nightmare crashes back into her life, bringing terror along for the ride.
The seconds are counting down – but who gets to call time?

*Please note – suitable for 18+ only due to adult/graphic themes and possible trigger content.

Meet K A

K A Sands is an exciting new author who has a passion for reading and more often than not, can be found with her nose stuck in a book. She loves angsty, dark reads but is not averse to the fun, light hearted side either. Typically, a romance reader, of most genres/sub genres, she loves reading a debut herself. Her passion for the written words goes back to her childhood and she has always dreamed of writing and telling the world her stories.

Not quite a stay at home mum, K A Sands has a busy life which she shares with her husband of twenty-two years and her little monkey boy. Her adult children have flown the coop already, but still manage to come home for ‘mama’s lasagne.’

Avid eater of mayonnaise and chips, anti-get-fitter, lover of cheesy music and a fierce advocate of things close to her heart. She enjoys doing photoshop manipulations and would love to be a whiz using it… maybe one day. She has a bucket list as long as her arm, which includes skydiving and visiting Cambodia. And wants to travel the world.

Great believer in second chances, insta-love (because her love is a product of that), fairy tales and monsters… K A Sands just wants to write all the words for you.

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New Release: Exhale and Move On by KL Shandwick

~~~Brand New Release~~~

***Exhale and Move On***

KL Shandwick #KLShandwick #mmf #mm #mfm #LBGT #bisexual #romance

Release Date: January 9, 2018

~~Book Synopsis~~

When you’ve lived the reckless rock and roll lifestyle Rick Fars has it’s no surprise to learn he’s been there, done that, and in Rick’s case he’s most likely left his t-shirt behind on some woman’s bedroom floor. As a wealthy playboy bachelor Rick’s never been taken by any woman, but he’s taken plenty and often.
Outwardly Rick is living the dream, however, appearances can be deceptive and behind closed doors Rick’s life is far more complex than most would realize. When the past and the present collide will Rick’s future finally help him to know his own mind?

Standalone: #LGBT #mmf #mfm #bisexual #romance #klshandwick

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“Guess you should get your kit off, Rick, then between us we can teach Corrie what she’s been missing all these years,” he said, playfully. I stared in amazement at Len for a minute because this was so unlike the serious guy I’d known for the previous few years, before I turned my attention to Coral.
She lay on the bed in a deliciously appealing pose, raised up on her elbows, one slender leg bent sexily at the knee with her foot resting on the mattress, the other leg flopped casually to the side. Her shaved p***y was clearly visible and incredibly alluring. I noted her gorgeous face was still flushed from her orgasmic haze and an expectant expression accompanied her salacious smile. It was all the motivation I’d needed to reach for my belt buckle.
Shoving my jeans down my legs to the floor I stood straight and stepped out of them. As I looked up my hungry eyes met Coral’s, and hers flared wide in surprise as she checked out my body. I was used to women reacting to my physique, but none of them had ever had the effect Coral had on me. I glanced at Len and saw he was checking me out as well or at the very least gauging my reaction to Coral.
Without speaking Coral rolled over onto her stomach and Len knelt on the bed and gestured by nodding for me to move to Coral’s other side. Not being one that needed to be prompted twice, I climbed on and lay alongside her. Moving her head to the side to look at me she smiled again, but this time there was no innocence in it, instead it was loaded with temptation.

~~About The Author~~

K. L. Shandwick lives on the outskirts of London. She started writing after a challenge by a friend when she commented on a book she read. The result of this was “The Everything Trilogy.” Her background has been mainly in the health and social care sector in the U.K. She is still currently a freelance or self- employed professional in this field. Her books tend to focus on the relationships of the main characters. Writing is a form of escapism for her and she is just as excited to find out where her characters take her as she is when she reads another author’s work.


Check out K.L. Shandwick’s other novels and series on her Amazon Author Page

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The Everything Trilogy

Alfie Black’s POV on music, fame and love. Find out what Alfie was thinking and hear his own story in this epic volume of The Everything Trilogy Love With Every Beat

Hear Jack’s story in life after Lily in just Jack: Everything Laid Bare

just Jack

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