Review, Audiobook: Our Forever by Elena Matthews

~Blurb~Our Forever


*Spin-off from the Look After You series*

When you fall in love with your best friend, it’s the kind of love that’s supposed to last forever.

Jo Donovan was a true believer of happily ever afters—until her best friend, Christopher, was killed in Afghanistan, destroying her belief that fairy-tale endings existed.

Destroying her. Destroying her world.

Five years later…

Jo finds herself still stuck in the past, unable to find closure with Christopher’s death.

When she moves to Austin, Texas, with her son, Junior, she’s finally given the fresh start she’s been desperately seeking.

What she doesn’t know is that the fresh start comes in the form of her sexy neighbor, Drew Greyson.

Their friendship starts off rocky, but eventually, a spark between them ignites. It isn’t long before that spark turns explosive, and she finds herself falling for him.

Drew wants to be her everything, her forever, but will Jo’s pain from losing Christopher stop her from following her heart?

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~My Review~

Be prepared for some very real emotions, emotions that will catch you when you least expect it.

After losing Christopher, Jo tries to pick up the pieces and carry on with her life. She tries to hide her pain & grief from their son and from everyone else. But by doing that she has become trapped, not actually moving on with her life. It’s been 5 years and she is still clinging to her memories & thoughts of Christopher.

When she gets a new job that requires her to move to Austin, her & Junior go. Not knowing what the future holds for either of them, Jo hopes things will work out for the best, for them both. On their first night things look set to be less than happy as they are rudely awakened at 2am by loud music from their neighbour. As any annoyed adult would Jo heads over to her neighbour’s door to give them hell!!

She did not however anticipate just how things would turn out after this initial meeting! Can Jo find a way to free herself from her haunting past & actually begin to live her life again?

Our Forever is the 4th of Elena’s books that I have had the pleasure of experiencing. The other 3 I’ve read as opposed to listening to them.

When I first started listening to Our Forever I wasn’t 100% sure on the narrator, it took me quite a while to warm up to her and her voice. But I continued listening & I’m glad that I did as I was then hooked.

Our Forever is an amazingly emotional listen. My heart broke for Jo more than once during this book. I don’t know how she actually found the strength to go on after losing Christopher, I know she had to for Junior’s sake but I still don’t know how she did it.

The characters are incredible. Their strength, determination & emotions are palpable. E. Matthews has created each of them very well. The way they interact is so real & believable. The conversations and the banter are well laid out and very realistic, and the emotions flow from them almost effortlessly. The characters all have their own flaws making them easy to relate to. To me they are balanced as well as any other human; and these people are only characters in a book.

E. Matthews writing style once again flows & claws it’s way under your skin & into your very heart. It captivates your attention & pulls you into the heart of the story, holding you there until the very end. It make you experience all the emotions as though they are your very own.

~About Elena~

Receptionist by day, author by night, Elena Matthews is from Manchester, United Kingdom, the home of Manchester United, MediaCity, and of course, Coronation Street. When Elena isn’t writing, she can be found with her nose in a book or watching guilty pleasures, such as Grey’s Anatomy. And, when she isn’t doing those things, you can often find her on Facebook, or obsessing over Kellan Kyle, book-boyfriend extraordinaire.

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